Eureka Seven: The Movie

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Eureka Seven: The Movie is a Japanese anime film released in 2014 and based off of the wildly popular anime of the same name. Despite the fact that the film is based off of the show there are major changes to the story-line, so much so that its creators and many of its fans have called it a alternative timeline to the original.

The film begins in the far flung future of 2054, with the human race poised on the edge of utter destruction. This calamity was brought about by enigmatic beings known only as the Eizo with which humanity has been warring for over fifty years. In the midst of this disaster two young adventurers must find a solution and realize their destiny.

1 Season, 1 Episode
April 22, 2014
Animation & Cartoon
Eureka Seven: The Movie

Eureka Seven: The Movie Full Episode Guide

  • Fall in love all over again in this film set in an alternate timeline within the Eureka Seven universe! As mankind prepares to fire a weapon that will end a half-century war, the world's fate rests in the hearts of two recently reunited childhood friends.