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Join Franklin and his forest friends as they gather together and play while learning about valuable lessons in life. This is a show that is geared toward toddlers and young children. There are bright colors in the show as well as words that can easily be understood instead. The animals speak clearly through the episodes so that viewers can hear. It is based on a series of children's books.

This show has been revised, but many of the same characters have remained in the show. These include Bear, Rabbit, Goose and Snail. All of the animals talk, and they all have families. You can see the friends play baseball games, hunt for treasure and have birthday celebrations. Franklin also has a new baby sister. Badger is a character who is not in the new series, but Aunt T is introduced as the fun aunt of Franklin. There are special episodes related to outdoor activities and mysteries.

Franklin and Friends is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (87 episodes). The series first aired on March 4, 2011.

Franklin and Friends is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Franklin and Friends on demand atApple TV+, Amazon Prime, Amazon, Noggin, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

Nick Jr.
4 Seasons, 87 Episodes
March 4, 2011
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Graeme Jokic, Jake Roseman, John Stocker, Christian Martyn
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Franklin and Friends Full Episode Guide

  • While making up songs for each season, Franklin and Snail have trouble thinking of an idea for Spring.

  • Franklin and Beaver pretend to be superheroes, and have a little trouble working together to save the day!When Franklin's friends are too busy to play, Franklin explores space with Harriet instead!

  • Bear and Franklin stay up late to hear a Submarine Rescue Guys radio show, but can they keep themselves awake?Franklin and Bear work together to come up with a clever plan to keep crows away from Mr. Groundhog's tomatoes!

  • Franklin wants his picnic to be exactly the same as last year's, but sometimes it's better to make new memories.When Franklin loses his lucky baseball cap, the Super Cluepers make it their mission to find it!

  • Franklin and Bear forget to interview Mr. Groundhog for their project and think they can make up his answers. Franklin and Fox decide they want to be inventors, but find out inventing isn't as easy as it looks!

  • Franklin becomes Bear's personal Stickball coach, but their constant practicing may be a little too intense. When Franklin's dad gets busy helping others, Franklin learns that a day with Dad is special no matter what.

  • When all of Rabbit's carrots go missing, it's up to Franklin and the Super Cluepers to solve the case! Franklin finds himself in a pickle when he tells Beaver he likes pickles, even though he really doesn't!

  • Franklin and friends need to figure out the purpose of a big, mysterious box they receive from Aunt T. Franklin wants to fly his new plane, but will he have enough time to play after helping his friends?

  • When Goose becomes team leader, Franklin and Beaver learn that listening is just as important as leading. Franklin and Fox go on a camping trip with their dads and learn some great tips from someone unexpected.

  • After falling off his bike, Franklin is scared to get back on. But with some help from friends, he faces his fear! It's Backwards Day, but Goose isn't enjoying! Can Franklin help him appreciate the new holiday?

  • After spraining his ankle, Franklin needs help from his friends to adjust to the situation. When the Super Cluepers have trouble finding objects that have mysteriously vanished, the gang gets creative!

  • The Super Cluepers are off to find the new Woodland family of skunks and make a new friend! Franklin and friends are spending the night under the stars! And Skunk, the nighttime expert, is coming along!

  • The Super Cluepers must figure out the meaning behind a mysterious mark on a bunch of trees! When the last page of their book goes missing, the forest friends use their imagination to make up an ending.

  • FRANKLIN THE POST-TURTLEAfter going with Mr. Heron to deliver the mail, Franklin sets up his own postal service called Turtle Mail!FRANKLIN'S WILD PAPER CHASEFranklin loses Snail's get-well card and must chase it all over town with his friends! Will it ever reach Snail?

  • FRANKLIN AND THE SCULPTURE GARDENFranklin's giraffe sculpture doesn't turn out just right, but a change of perspective makes a big difference! FRANKLIN AND THE SILLY STAKESFranklin and Bear lose a game and have to stay tied together until dinnertime! Can they become a better team?

  • FRANKLIN'S BIG BREAKFASTIt's time for the Turtles' Big Family Breakfast, and "Chef" Franklin tries to make it all by himself!FRANKLIN SWITCHES IT UPFranklin and Fox switch roles in the school play and find that trying new things is easier when working together.

  • Franklin learns that having a good time is more important than winning when he plays his first game of mini-golf! Franklin gives his old radio to Fox, but when Fox fixes it up, Franklin suddenly wants it back!

  • FRANKLIN AND THE DRUM CIRCLEEveryone has a special beat for the Drum Circle, except Franklin -until he finds his beat was with him all along!FRANKLIN TAKES FLIGHTFranklin wants his friends to help him build his plane, but forgets that they may want to fly it too!

  • FRANKLIN AND THE NATURE NUTS HIKEFranklin hopes to find a rare meteor on his class nature hike, but what else will he find?FRANKLIN AND THE TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE DRAGONFranklin and his friends are taking turns acting out a story, but he doesn't want anyone else playing his part!

  • Franklin wants his friends to play with the toys he invented, but there's a time and place for everything.When Beaver loses her voice, she and Franklin come up with a new plan for their Show-and-Tell project!

  • Franklin helps Fox find his misplaced baby tooth and learn about the ways his friends know they're growing up too. Goose and Franklin want to teach themselves tough karate moves, but they don't want to learn the basics first!

  • Franklin's playing school, but Harriet and Bee won't pay attention! How can he make class more exciting? When Franklin and his friends let Bear win a game of Hoppity Bop, are they really making Bear feel better.

  • When Bear and his Dad don't show up to the firefighter flapjack breakfast, it's up to Franklin to find them!Submarine Rescue Guys Franklin and Bear lose their new toy, so they die into their imaginations instead!

  • Franklin and the Adventure on Planet Zorb; Franklin and the Two Unicycles

  • Franklin has trouble when he plays in the winter games, but things improve when he starts believing in himself! Franklin and friends create a new invention that helps their fire department on a rescue!

  • When everyone drops out of carolling, Franklin decides to sing anyway./Mr. Turtle substitutes for Bear on Franklin's Campout, and Franklin has to learn to beflexible in his expectations.