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Gatchaman Crowds Insight is the title of the second season of Gatchaman Crowds and continues the plot of the action, sci-fi anime series. While the interplanetary threat of Berg Katze was dealt with at the end of the show's first season, Hajime Ichinose and the other members of the superheroic team known as Gatchaman are called to action when a new faction makes its villainous presence known. This new faction, who goes by the name of VAPE, has arisen to fix Katze's mistakes and stamp out any resistance to their plans of total dominance. In addition to a new threat, the Gatchaman team receives a new recruit in the form of the hot-blooded Tsubasa Misudachi; Tsubasa joins Hajime as her partner and incorporates her love of pyrotechnics into her Gatchaman form.

Much like the first season, Gatchaman Crowds Insight consists of twelve episodes; unlike the show's first season, Gatchaman Crowds Insight also received a prologue episode numbered as episode zero of the series. Gatchaman Crowds Insight is available in Japanese with or without English subtitles and also dubbed into the English language.

Sentai Filmworks
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 4, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Anime
Cast: Leraldo Anzaldua, Katelyn Barr, Clint Bickham, Jessica Calvillo
Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Gatchaman Crowds Insight Full Episode Guide

  • With the full extent of Hajime's plan revealed by Tsubasa, the Gatchaman decide to hold one last phone vote...

  • Hajime has a plan to counteract the oppressive social atmosphere and the Kuu-sama, but, for the plan to work, Gelsadra might have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • While public opinion causes the Kuu-sama to become increasingly volatile, Tsubasa finally reunites with the Gatchaman.

  • The Kuu-sama are becoming integrated into society as the Gatchaman finally seem to be on the same page.

  • Hajime and the rest of the Gatchaman grow increasingly uneasy with the direction Tsubasa and Gelsadra are taking their campaign as a strange new threat appears!

  • Gelsadra and Tsubasa continue their pursuit of unity in the name of world peace as the rest of the Gatchaman begin to question their methods.

  • The election for Prime Minister is causing political rifts between friend and foe alike. Even the Gatchaman are divided as Gelsadra makes an unexpected promise.

  • Tsubasa intervenes in a standoff to save a critically injured Rui. Then, Gelsadra learns a bit about Earth politics as an impromptu race for Prime Minister begins.

  • Gelsadra and Tsubasa are invited to OD's Millione Show as guests and meet the rest of the Gatchaman crew. Later, the leader of VAPE makes his move.

  • Tsubasa has joined the ranks of the Gatchaman! Meanwhile, Rui continues in his efforts to find out more about VAPE.

  • Tsubasa's life changes forever when a giant spaceship lands near her home, revealing a cute alien girl that the Gatchaman have come to investigate!

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