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Holby City is a long running medical drama produced by the BBC in the U.K. that has included over 500 shows in its run of more than ten seasons. The show was conceived and written as a direct spin off from another of the BBC's successful medical drama's Casualty; throughout the run of both show's crossover episodes carry stories from the Casualty show to Holby City in episodes billed as Casualty @ Holby City. The location of the drama is the fictional Holby General Hospital that acts as the location for both Casualty and Holby City. Although the critical reception of Holby City was not as strong as that of Casualty the show has been successful with audiences in the U.K.

Created by head writer Tony McHale and producer Mal Young Holby City was designed to continue the stories of patients and hospital staff in the fictional Holby General Hospital after they left the emergency room featured in Casualty. The characters featured in the show have generally limited to between ten and fifteen actors in an ensemble cast. Unlike its close relative, Casualty the decision to base Holby City in the general wards of the hospital allows recurring characters of patients to remain in the show for a number of episodes. During the many seasons of the show guest stars have appeared playing patients who remain in the show allowing themes surrounding life and death medical decisions to be played out over a longer period of time.

Holby City has proved successful because it also takes a look into the personal lives of the staff of Holby City. Just as in a real hospital the members of staff appearing in the show are constantly changing, with none of the original eleven characters frm season one remaining in the show by the fourteenth season. The hour long series of episodes have featured actors from both the U.K. and U.S.; amongst the guest stars featured in Holby City are Starsky & Hutch actor David Soul and Ron Moody.

Holby City is a series that is currently running and has 22 seasons (666 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 1999.

Holby City is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Holby City on demand atAmazon Prime online.

Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on BBC One
22 Seasons, 666 Episodes
January 12, 1999
Cast: Jules Knight, Niamh McGrady, Alex Walkinshaw, Amanda Mealing, Louise Delamere
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Holby City Full Episode Guide

  • A mystery patient could be the undoing of Jac and Kian's secret relationship.

  • After brain surgery, Ric wakes to find that the world around him has completely changed and that Holby is gripped by a coronavirus pandemic.

  • Finding Ric unconscious in theatre, Guy capitalises on the unexpected opportunity. Sacha tries to make things right with Essie, and Nicky receives a surprising offer.

  • Ric clashes with Max when his determination to destroy Guy puts his health at risk. Essie gets the silent treatment from Sacha.

  • Cameron fears new locum Drew is out to expose him, Kian spends the day babysitting Emma in order to win back Jac's heart, and how low will Sacha stoop to convince Essie?

  • Kian returns to Holby, determined to make amends with Jac. Essie searches for answers, and Ric sets out on a personal vendetta.

  • Nicky must confront her fears, Fletch and Essie try to remain upbeat, and Guy is determined to prove he's still a top surgeon.

  • Nicky struggles to cope at work as her world collapses around her.

  • Nicky's attempts to find a life-saving treatment for Brenda put her at odds with Jac.

  • Fletch and his daughter Evie reveal life-changing secrets each has been keeping.

  • As things with Jac heat up, a patient causes painful memories to resurface for Kian.

  • Essie puts on a brave face, but the effects of chemo start to take a toll.

  • Essie's friends try to keep things normal as she continues her chemotherapy.

  • As his disciplinary hearing begins, Xav is determined to prove that Cameron killed Evan.

  • Max struggles to come to terms with an explosive revelation.

  • Max is nervous at the thought of seeing her daughter again after years of estrangement.

  • With Xavier hot on his trail, how far will Cameron go to keep Evan dead and buried?

  • Xavier unearths a shocking secret, and Fletch struggles to handle the nursing shortage.

  • Max finds herself in a desolate place after receiving distressing news.

  • Ric clashes with Max, and Essie has to choose between Ben and Sacha.

  • It's the morning after the night before, but will Cameron and Chloe reconcile?

  • It's Valentine's Day, but will Cupid's arrow hit the target for Chloe and Cameron?

  • Max wonders whether Sacha is fit to carry out a difficult transplant operation.

  • Sacha's beloved great-aunt, who survived the Holocaust, is admitted to Holby.

  • With Jason's job in jeopardy, can Serena afford to put her neck on the line for him?

  • Jac and Kian return to work, but can they support each other and conquer their demons?

  • When a defeated Kian finds himself in a dark place, will Jac be able to pull him back from the edge? Meanwhile, a past acquaintance puts Max in a compromising position.

  • Confronted with an unwelcome patient, Serena is forced to make a life or death choice.

  • When Bea requires emergency surgery, a suspended Kian takes matters into his own hands, but at what cost?

  • On the day he and Dom are due to renew their wedding vows, Lofty finally makes a decision about what he really wants in life.

  • Jac has to face some home truths when she's visited by the three wise men, and Chloe gets some life-changing news.

  • Elliot needs life-saving surgery. Jac is the only one qualified to do it, but will her struggles with anxiety result in her killing her mentor?

  • How much will Kian sacrifice to give Bea what she wants? Will Dom and Lofty's grief bring them closer together or rip their marriage apart?

  • A heartbroken Lofty and Helen are rocked by tragic news which tears their world apart.

  • As Elliot's concern for Jac grows, will he ever be able to tell her his secret?

  • In Holby's 1,000th episode, a familiar face returns for the hospital's 150th anniversary.

  • It's Halloween and Cameron is haunted by his own ghosts. Jac receives a bombshell from Stacey, and will Dominic overstep the mark when it comes to Lofty's baby?

  • Max performs dangerous brain surgery on Ric, who must confront his own mortality. Dom is shocked when Helen returns to Holby and Lofty finds out she's pregnant.

  • Essie is torn when Frankie returns wanting to take Isla home, and Ric is caught between Serena and top neurosurgeon Max McGerry as they clash over his treatment options.

  • Both Ric and Darla are faced with life-changing decisions, and will Kian be able to mend the heart of an old flame?

  • Will it be Chloe or Evan's versions of events that will be believed, and what will an MRI scan reveal about Ric's future?

  • Evan refuses to give up on Chloe, and Cameron receives heartbreaking news.

  • Ric worries that something may be wrong with him. Will Essie's lie that she's Isla's adopted mother be exposed?

  • A friendly face from the past gives Ric someone to confide in. Fletch goes on a mission that could cost him his relationship with Ange.

  • Jac is rocked when Faye Morton returns to Holby bringing Joseph with her. Sacha struggles to do the right thing for a family grieving their mother.

  • Chloe's day is thrown into chaos when Evan's sister, Phoebe, returns to Holby. Meanwhile, a high profile patient is admitted to AAU.

  • A distressed stranger turns up looking for Raf di Lucca. Will her secret change Essie's life forever?

  • Is Chloe brave enough to tell Evan she wants a divorce? And faced with choosing between work and his personal life, will Hanssen learn from past mistakes?

  • When Jac is forced to make a career changing decision will life on Darwin ever be the same? And as Serena's tough facade slowly unravels, is grief catching up with her?

  • As the Holby team give a warm send off to a much beloved colleague, a surprising revelation sends Cameron into a spin.

  • As the Holby team say goodbye to a beloved colleague, a surprising revelation sends Cameron into a spin.

  • As her loved ones continue to worry about her, Chloe learns more about Evan. Cameron wants to get out from under Bernie's shadow, but he receives some devastating news.

  • When a patient attacks Evan, Chloe is forced to make a huge decision. Serena and Fleur Fanshawe are thrown together to help a patient.

  • Cameron tries to prove himself to Kian, but they clash over Kian's teaching methods. Xavier gets relationship advice from the most unlikely source.

  • Xavier tries to build bridges with Donna, Cameron can't quite shift his feelings of unease around Evan, and Fletch is anxious about his first official date with Ange.

  • Donna tries to shelter Xavier from his mother's erratic behaviour. Sacha makes a romantic gesture but finds something unexpected in Patricia's cleaning cupboard.

  • When Lofty is put in harm's way, is Isaac's fate sealed? In the hope of protecting Chloe, Cameron makes a selfless gesture.

  • As Dom and Isaac grow closer, is Dom at risk of falling under his spell? Chloe gets an unpleasant surprise when she returns to work.

  • Will Lofty and Dom's marriage survive under the pressure of Isaac's presence at Holby, and is Sacha's relationship with Patricia over before it's even begun?

  • Dominic faces his difficult past when he goes head to head with his abusive ex, Isaac, while Ange and Carole band together to try to help him.

  • Struggling with the news that Dominic is her half-brother, Chloe is forced to operate with him. Lofty returns to Holby with a secret.

  • Ange plans to tell Chloe her biggest secret, and Ric's granddaughter arrives at Holby, forcing Ric to deal with her pregnancy head on.

  • Kian's big personality begin to grate on Jac. Ange opens up to Dom, revealing a big secret about Chloe. When Sue makes a big mistake, Donna tries to limit the damage.

  • Jac's top-dog status is challenged when a talented new surgeon causes a stir. Donna is flattered to be offered a new career opportunity.

  • A startling incident forces Zosia to reconsider her future at Holby, Cameron has to treat a close relative of Xavier's, and Dom tries to keep Carole at arm's length.

  • Dom throws himself into work as he struggles to process a shocking family secret. Zosia undermines Jac's authority and puts a strain on their already fraught relationship.

  • Chloe is wrongfooted when ex-boyfriend Evan unexpectedly turns up on Darwin Ward, and Dom is confronted with life-changing revelations. 

  • Ange uncovers a long-buried secret that threatens to completely shatter her world. Can Frieda manage to work within the rules when a friend of Roman's appears in Holby?

  • Fletch worries there may be more to Theo's disappearance than meets the eye. Donna meets Xavier's mother for the first time, but things don't go as smoothly as expected.

  • Ric battles to control Kofi's anger when he arrives at Holby with Darla. Frieda returns to Darwin ready to lose herself in work, only to be paired with a Zosia for the day.

  • A computer virus shuts down Holby's power. Jac and Connie fight to save the lives of close friends. As the hospital is evacuated, Ric mounts a desperate rescue for a trapped Essie.

  • Zosia's big news gets a mixed response, and her situation is further complicated when a colleague from the US turns up. Sasha is rattled when an old flame appears on the ward.

  • Zosia returns to Holby, while a frustrated Jac tries to track down Frieda. Ange admits there is no hope for her patient Holly, but will her parents agree?

  • As Holly's condition weighs on Ange, a heartbreaking decision divides Holly's family. A smitten Cameron sets out to impress new locum Chloe.

  • Can Ange convince her patient to proceed with a life-saving operation? A resolute Ric campaigns for change. Does Nicky have the strength to fight for what she wants?

  • When Holby is stretched to breaking point, an angry Ric can't take the status quo any longer. Can Frieda suppress her pain by throwing herself into her work schedule?

  • Frieda's hard-won contentment is abruptly shattered when Roman reappears. Xavier strains his relationship with Donna.

  • Cameron bites off more than he can chew when he clashes with Jac.

  • Nicky and Cameron compete when Jac offers one of them an opportunity for a promotion.

  • On a new year road trip to compete for funding, Jac, Ric and Sacha confront some old enemies. Serena's worst fears are realised.