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Holby City is a long running medical drama produced by the BBC in the U.K. that has included over 500 shows in its run of more than ten seasons. The show was conceived and written as a direct spin off from another of the BBC's successful medical drama's Casualty; throughout the run of both show's crossover episodes carry stories from the Casualty show to Holby City in episodes billed as Casualty @ Holby City. The location of the drama is the fictional Holby General Hospital that acts as the location for both Casualty and Holby City. Although the critical reception of Holby City was not as strong as that of Casualty the show has been successful with audiences in the U.K.

Created by head writer Tony McHale and producer Mal Young Holby City was designed to continue the stories of patients and hospital staff in the fictional Holby General Hospital after they left the emergency room featured in Casualty. The characters featured in the show have generally limited to between ten and fifteen actors in an ensemble cast. Unlike its close relative, Casualty the decision to base Holby City in the general wards of the hospital allows recurring characters of patients to remain in the show for a number of episodes. During the many seasons of the show guest stars have appeared playing patients who remain in the show allowing themes surrounding life and death medical decisions to be played out over a longer period of time.

Holby City has proved successful because it also takes a look into the personal lives of the staff of Holby City. Just as in a real hospital the members of staff appearing in the show are constantly changing, with none of the original eleven characters frm season one remaining in the show by the fourteenth season. The hour long series of episodes have featured actors from both the U.K. and U.S.; amongst the guest stars featured in Holby City are Starsky & Hutch actor David Soul and Ron Moody.

Tuesdays at 8:00 pm on BBC One
14 Seasons, 576 Episodes
January 12, 1999
Cast: Hugh Quarshie, Rosie Marcel, Tina Hobley, Paul Bradley
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Holby City Full Episode Guide

  • Xavier's secrets are laid bare when his grandfather arrives wounded on AAU. Gaskell's increasingly erratic behaviour puts a patient at risk.

  • As Holby reels from tragic news, Sacha takes on a marathon operation.

  • A distraught Hanssen holds vigil at the hospital. Sacha makes a tentative return to Holby.

  • In 1987, three young Holby familiars make a pact to push the boundaries of medicine.

  • An unexpected new friendship helps Frieda find her way. Tensions between Roxanna and Gaskell finally come to a head. Meena hits a new low.

  • In Roxanna's absence, Hanssen must make a stand. Meena gets a birthday surprise.

  • A devastating surgical outcome for a favourite patient forces a shattered Sacha to reflect on a testing year.

  • A conflicted Essie faces a dilemma when trial patient Josh's condition deteriorates.

  • Tensions between Roxanna and Gaskell come to a head as they clash over the treatment of a patient close to their hearts. Serena crosses paths with a new porter.

  • Fletch clashes with estranged father Steven when Evie demands they let him back into their lives. Dominic struggles to rely on Lofty.

  • Fletch is shocked when someone from his past walks back into his life. Hanssen attempts to express his feelings to Roxanna.

  • Dom and Lofty find themselves at cross purposes, which puts their future in the balance.

  • Roxanna and Gaskell return to Holby triumphant, but is everything as it seems? Hanssen is pushed to the edge when an unexpected visitor arrives at Holby.

  • Serena and Ric battle to save a familiar patient, against the odds. Jac makes an explosive return to work, destabilising Abigail and Fletch's relationship.

  • A split-second mistake brings Nicky closer to Zav than she bargained for. A troubling discovery causes Roxanna to question her loyalties. Dom is forced to make a choice.

  • Meena uncovers disturbing news that could spell trouble for Gaskell.

  • Jac Naylor arrives back at Holby City, but her return isn't quite what it seems. Tensions mount for Lofty when Dominic makes an announcement.

  • Frieda has to decide what to do when Roman crashes back into her life. A withdrawn Dom just wants to have a quiet night, but things don't go to plan.

  • Healthy competition turns sour when Meena and Nicky treat the same patient. Serena takes an undesired approach to Jason's impending fatherhood.

  • Fletch is sent spinning with the arrival of several unexpected visitors on AAU. Roxanna's fears grow for Hanssen as he buries himself in his work.

  • As the pressure builds from all sides, Gaskell takes a huge risk to save his trial. An unwelcome discovery threatens Dom's career and his relationship with Lofty.

  • An exhausted Fletch clashes with Abigail when an unexpected visitor turns up on the ward. Nicky tries to keep her head in the game as her personal issues distract her.

  • Dominic's romantic bliss is shattered when he is confronted by a ghost from the past. A dangerous old flame crashes back into Frieda's life.

  • Frieda forces new mentee Nicky to question what kind of doctor she ultimately wants to be. Meena puts her friendship with Nicky on the line.

  • A revelation about Gaskell forces Roxanna to choose where her loyalties lie. Still on probation, Ric risks his job to save a familiar face.

  • Roxanna questions Gaskell's motives when he takes on a controversial new case. Fletch clashes with new CEO Abigail over a vulnerable patient.

  • On the precipice of an uncertain future, Ollie faces hard truths. Essie learns that discovering the truth comes at a high price.

  • Ric Griffin finally stands trial. Ollie accepts the ultimate challenge from Roxanna. Jac is backed into a corner emotionally.

  • Roxanna tries to cure Oliver, but in the process opens old wounds. Dom and Lofty find themselves at odds over Sheilagh's care. Donna and Fletch race to save Ric.

  • Gaskell battles to protect his trial and save his patient. Serena is determined to find a solution, as she begins to fear that Ric is losing hope.

  • Frieda tries to help Jac when her mentor's pain reaches breaking point. Roxanna pitches an experimental treatment that could help Oliver recover.

  • A hungover Nicky must cope with an overbearing new registrar. Fletch and Jac are thrust together on an overnight transplant case.

  • Serena Campbell is back to steady the ship at Holby, but she is stunned to see Ric on AAU as a patient. Oliver has nightmares as he struggles with his identity.

  • The clinical trial is heating up and it's time for Gaskell to live up to his reputation. Nicky tests Sacha's patience in a bid to prove her abilities.

  • Hanssen is pushed to the brink. Jac turns to an old friend for support. Lofty is thrown when an unexpected patient turns up on Keller.

  • Essie struggles to use her head over her heart as she gets involved with Gaskell's trial. Oliver is transferred to AAU for a change of scene.

  • Sacha struggles to judge whether his patient can be trusted. Jac is keen to prove she is back on form. Essie impresses Gaskell with an unexpected choice.

  • A popular prisoner takes Ric under his wing, but Ric begins to question whom he can trust.

  • Morven finds herself torn between her past and her future on Christmas Eve.

  • Dominic is determined to push new F1 Meena to the limit. With the hospital still recovering from traumatic events, Hanssen takes position at the front line on AAU.

  • The resolve of the Holby family is put to the test when a face from the past arrives with a chilling vendetta.

  • A new arrival in Holby sets the wheels of change in motion. Raf is reminded of why he fell in love with medicine.

  • In light of Nina's news, Matteo can no longer run from their past. Jac faces mounting personal and professional pressures. A visitor puts Donna in a tough position.

  • With the merger decision hanging over the hospital, Fredrik has his own future at Holby firmly on his mind. Damon faces a difficult decision.

  • Oliver is determined to win funding for his project, but he has a tough decision to make when he realises why Roxanna is going up against him.

  • Hanssen and his team prepare for Holby's biggest challenge yet. Oliver has to juggle a demanding patient and his fixation over finding a lost possession.

  • Donna discovers contradictory evidence that could threaten Ric's defence. A disillusioned Dominic struggles to find a research subject.

  • Lofty's approach to his job ruffles an overworked Morven's feathers.

  • Fletch learns that with great power comes great responsibility. Essie must close the door on a very important chapter in her life. Donna gets into hot water.

  • Matteo makes a devastating discovery when a stranger recognises Nina. Fredrik tries to impress Hanssen. Ollie returns to work, but how will he cope without Zosia?

  • Zosia has a decision to make. Dom and Lofty find themselves in an awkward situation when Dom's boyfriend winds up on Keller.

  • Wedding bells toll for Oliver and Zosia. Jac and Nina argue over the running of Darwin.

  • Zosia's suspicions about Guy's erratic behaviour put her in an impossible position. Donna is shocked when her patient has a surprising visitor.

  • Hanssen is forced to confront his past when a familiar face arrives on Keller as a registrar. Zosia finally relaxes into some wedding planning.

  • Lofty is forced to finally confront his feelings for Dominic. Fletch enlists Jac's help to treat a single father. Guy puts Zosia to the test.

  • Zosia is offered a rare opportunity to advance her career. Oliver struggles with the thought that Tara's death could have been prevented.

  • Guy requests Oliver's help with a patient, hoping to foster support for a new research proposal. But does Guy have ulterior motives?

  • It is sink or swim for Bernie, who is confronted with an impossible situation.

  • Ambitious Nina strikes a deal with a face from the past, but will she come to regret it? Morven is determined to remain professional.

  • Donna gets a shock when she is dealt a cruel blow by her ex.

  • Jac and Fran get the shock of their lives when someone from their past turns up.

  • Wrestling with her feelings in the wake of tragedy, Jac buries herself in work.

  • As Jasmine begins to investigate the past, she makes a shocking discovery.

  • It is crunch time for Mo, who has some difficult life choices to make.

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