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  • 1965
  • 1 Season

The Inspector is a humorous cartoon show about a quirky French police officer who was never given an official name. The show involves the Inspector facing different situations and villains along the way. Other main characters include Deux-Deux, his trusty sidekick and the Commissioner, who is ill-tempered by nature.

The cartoon is based around the Inspector’s own crazy antics and scenarios with other characters. Each episode presents the Inspector with a mystery to solve and obstacles making it difficult for him. On one episode, the Inspector is instructed to protect the fatigued Commissioner but faces troubles with chiming bells, a noisy feline, and holiday festivities. In another, the Inspector must find the Commissioner, who was kidnapped by aliens.

Although the Inspector is a competent detective, he is prone to comical actions and is usually unsuccessful. After failing to solve cases, he must face his overbearing Commissioner. The show displays how an otherwise knowledgeable inspector still fails because of surprise obstacles and that no matter how close he is to solving the case, failure is never too far.

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Carte Blanched
34. Carte Blanched
May 14, 1969
The Inspector has a very guilty conscience over not returning a shopping trolley which everyone thinks he stole
Pierre and Cottage Cheese
33. Pierre and Cottage Cheese
February 26, 1969
The Inspector suffers while taking the very bad advice of a Chinese robot on how to get into a house where Dirty Pierre Le Punk is.
French Freud
32. French Freud
January 22, 1969
Someone is trying to kill the Inspector to get at the Du Barry diamond which he is guarding under his hat.
La Feet's Defeat
31. La Feet's Defeat
July 25, 1968
The Inspector and Deux-Deux follow the footprints of Muddy La Feet and encounter many booby traps which Deux-Deux sets off.
Le Ball and Chain Gang
30. Le Ball and Chain Gang
July 24, 1968
The Inspector tries numerous ways to get into a house where there is an argumentative couple.
Le Great Dane Robbery
29. Le Great Dane Robbery
May 7, 1968
A stolen code book is hidden in an embassy and has a very large dog named "Tiny" guarding it
Cherche Le Phantom
28. Cherche Le Phantom
June 13, 1968
The Inspector looks for the Phantom of the Opera and finds a gorilla.
Bear de Guerre
27. Bear de Guerre
April 27, 1968
The Inspector goes quail hunting but continually falls afoul of a bear.
Transylvania Mania
26. Transylvania Mania
March 27, 1968
The Inspector is sent to find a scientist who is making monsters without a licence.
Les Miserobots
25. Les Miserobots
March 22, 1968
The Inspector is fired after being replaced by a very efficient police robot, so he tries to destroy it.
London Derriere
24. London Derriere
February 8, 1968
Having chased jewel thief, Louie Le Swine around the world, the Inspector tries to get him in London only to continually fall afoul of the no-gun laws
The Shooting of Caribou Lou
23. The Shooting of Caribou Lou
December 10, 1967
On holiday in Canada as a Mountie, the Inspector is kidnapped by the diminutive but aggressive Caribou Lou who holds him in his cabin.
Tour de Farce
22. Tour de Farce
October 26, 1967
Through his own fault, the Inspector is stranded on Deserted Island with the large Mack Le Truck who is trying to kill him
Canadian Can-Can
21. Canadian Can-Can
September 21, 1967
Sent to Canada on an exchange programme, the Inspector is sent after Two-Faced Harry, who has a good face on his front and an evil face on his back.
Crow de Guerre
20. Crow de Guerre
August 17, 1967
The Inspector is continually outwitted by a crow that steals jewels.
Le Escape Goat
19. Le Escape Goat
June 30, 1967
Sacked for letting Louie Le Fink escape, the Inspector tries to stop him getting revenge on the Commissioner.
Le Cop on Le Rocks
18. Le Cop on Le Rocks
July 4, 1967
The Inspector is mistaken for a bank robber who is his double. His botched attempts at escape from prison adds ever more years to his sentence.
Le Bowser Bagger
17. Le Bowser Bagger
June 1, 1967
The Inspector is given Private Bowser, a very energetic dog in his efforts to track down a thief.
Le Pig-Al Patrol
16. Le Pig-Al Patrol
May 25, 1967
The Inspector is sent after biker Pig Al and his biker gang.
Bomb Voyage
15. Bomb Voyage
May 23, 1967
The Inspector and Deux-Deux go to the planet Yornova to rescue the Commissioner who has been kidnapped by aliens
Le Quiet Squad
14. Le Quiet Squad
May 18, 1967
The Commissioner is overworked and needs absolute quiet or he goes into uncontrolled fits of temper.
Sacre Bleu Cross
13. Sacre Bleu Cross
February 2, 1967
When they go after Hassan the Assassin, Deux-Deux gives The Inspector a very unlucky rabbit's foot.
Toulouse La Trick
12. Toulouse La Trick
December 31, 1966
The Inspector handcuffs himself to Toulouse Le Moose and throws away the key so he cannot escape him.
Unsafe and Seine
11. Unsafe and Seine
November 10, 1966
The Inspector is told his life is in danger and he must meet with an agent.
That's No Lady: That's Notre Dame
10. That's No Lady: That's Notre Dame
October 27, 1966
Trying to catch a purse snatcher, the Inspector disguises himself as a woman and continually falls foul of the very jealous Commissioner's wife.
Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!
9. Sicque! Sicque! Sicque!
September 24, 1966
Deux Deux drinks a flask of something and keeps changing into a big green monster who beats up and shoots the Inspector.
The Pique Poquette of Paris
8. The Pique Poquette of Paris
August 27, 1966
Spider Pierre (who has four arms and a spider-web gun) picks pockets, especially those of the Inspector
Ape Suzette
7. Ape Suzette
June 25, 1966
The Inspector thinks he is fighting a little man but an ape gets in all the punches.
Cock-A-Doodle Deux Deux
6. Cock-A-Doodle Deux Deux
June 16, 1966
The huge diamond 'The Plymouth Rock' has been stolen and the suspects are chickens.
Plastered in Paris
5. Plastered in Paris
April 6, 1966
The Inspector chases the man known as "X" around the world.
Cirrhosis of the Louvre
4. Cirrhosis of the Louvre
March 10, 1966
The Blotch (a red blob) plans to steal all the paintings from the Louvre.
Napoleon Blown-Aparte
3. Napoleon Blown-Aparte
February 4, 1966
A mad bomber has escaped from Le Prison and wants to get even with the man who put him there, the Commissioner.
2. "Reaux, Reaux, Reaux Your Boat"
February 2, 1966
The Inspector is after the notorious smuggler Captain Clamity (a clam with legs) but spends most of his time in sinking boats.
The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation
1. The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation
December 23, 1965
The Inspector is to guard the famous diamond from the three-headed jewel thief trying to steal it.
  • Premiere Date
    December 23, 1965