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Based on the 16th century historical figure Baek Pa-sun, Jung-yi, Goddess of Fire is a South Korean historical drama that depicts the life of Jung-yi. Revered for her natural talent in producing the finest white porcelain during the Joseon Dynasty, Jung-yi's skill becomes so prized that she is appointed as the official china maker for the royal family of Korea.

Played by actress Moon Geun-young, Jung-yi is an artist with a fiery passion for white porcelain becoming the first woman to produce some of the most invaluable ceramic in history. The drama captures her turbulent, heart-wrenching life of love, passion, and hardship as she aims to become the best porcelain artist of her time.

Problems arise as her gender becomes an obstacle against her dream of becoming the top potter. Jung-yi

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC America
1 Season, 32 Episodes
July 1, 2013
Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Geun-young Moon
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Jung-yi, Goddess of Fire Full Episode Guide

  • Yi Kangchon has taken over Punwon Kiln with the help of Japanese soldiers. In the meantime, Crown Prince Kwanghae leads his troops through battle.

  • Prince Kwanghae and Taedo save Jung-yi from Kenzo. Hwalyong meets with Her Grace to discuss the future of her trading house.

  • Master Mun decides to give Hwalyong a chance and asks her to get pigment for the Kiln. Yi Kangchon calls upon Mapung to get rid of Jung-yi once and for all.

  • Jung is promoted to be the first female artisan in the Punwon Kiln. The King sends Prince Imhae to the southern provinces.

  • Hwalyong decides to help Artisan Yi in hopes he will become the next Master Artisan. However during the competition, Prince Sinsong has an allergic reaction after drinking from one of the tonic bowls.

  • Prince Kwanghae returns from his banishment and reports to the King about what he has seen. Prince Sinsong wants new tonic bowls designed by Jung-yi.

  • Jung-yi vows vengeance against Master Artisan Yi for ruining her family. Hwalyong chooses to take action before Lady Son declares her fate.

  • Artisan Yi decides to release Poopy without having Jung forfeiting the contest. Master Artisan Yi sets Jung out to get white clay and tricks Prince Kwanghae into looking for her.

  • After discovering that Lord Yi was the one who killed her father, Jung decides to stay in Punwon. The scholars of the palace want the King to decide on a Crown Prince.

  • Jung-yi is set free when the constable realizes that her ceramic bowls are really preventing the commoners from getting ill. The King sets a task for his sons to figure out precisely why his people are so ill.

  • When Jung gets expelled from Punwon she has Taedo help her move in to her childhood home.

  • Taedo may have at last finally found the one who killed Artisan Yu years ago. Everyone in Punwon chooses to assist Jung in her attempt to make a vase for Her Grace.

  • Taepyong's real identity is exposed to all in Punwon Kiln. Hwalyong has a new resolve to be become better than Jung at all costs.

  • The King chooses to make the Elders the judges for the competition between Master Mun and Artisan Yi. Hwalyong gets upset when Taedo decides that he always waits for Jung

  • Head Artisan Yi challenges Master Artisan Mun to see who can make better dishes for the feast. Taedo plans a surprise for Jung.

  • Master Artisan Yi starts contemplating that Taepyong may actually be Jung. Prince Kwanghae asks Jung for help in finding a thief in Punwon.

  • The King orders Prince Imhae to do administration work alongside Prince Kwanghae. The apprentice test approaches and Jung faces a disadvantage.

  • Prince Kwanghae and Taedo rush to save Jung-yi from death. Prince Kwanghae decides he wants to be taught how to be an artisan.

  • Jung attempts to confess that she stole the vase to the King in order to have Prince Kwanghae's name be restored. The Emperor's envoy challenges the Punwon Kiln to make a duplicate a celadon cup.

  • On this episode Jung gets caught taking Lord Yi's specially made porcelain vase. The Queen continues to manipulate the King for her son, Sinsong, to be chosen as the Crown Prince.

  • During the apprenticeship test, Jung-yi accidentally caught inside the forbidden part of the royal forest. Taedo takes the military exam in hopes of getting into the Kiln.

  • Taedo steals Prince Kwanghae's belt accidentally from Jung, so Kwanghae and Jung go in search for him. There is bulletin calling for men to become artisans in the Punwon Kiln.

  • Master Artisan Yi sends his assassin to kill Yu Euldam. Jung-yi is determined to become the finest artisan in the nation.

  • Prince Kwanghae looks for way to fix the broken jar of King Taejo. The captain of the king's cavalry puts Taedo's archery skills to the test.

  • Jung-yi and Prince Kwanghae get rescued from the pit. Prince Kwanghae and Taedo sword fight in the woods.

  • Lord Yu and Lord Yi compete to be the master artisan of Punwon Kiln. Jung-yi disobeys her father's orders and goes out hunting in the woods with Taedo.

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