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Less Than Perfect is a comedy television show centered around Claude Casey. The show follows Claude as she is promoted from temp to permanent assistant for one of the most popular TV news anchors suddenly causing jealousy among the other assistants. Paranoid about losing her new permanent position, at one point, she even refuses to go on vacation for fear she may have the rug pulled from under her while away.

Watch Claude maintain her sunny disposition as she deals with huge egos around the newsroom, backbiting among the other assistants and pressure-filled deadlines as she also attempts to date.

4 Seasons, 81 Episodes
October 1, 2002
Cast: Sara Rue
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Less Than Perfect Full Episode Guide

  • In the last ever episode Claude realises that Lydia is about to cheat on Jeb after hearing a phone call, but later wishes she had stayed out of it.

  • Ramona and Owen are forced to eat in their office when they are banned from eating on the 22nd floor.

  • Claude and Kip get into an argument when she is about to become assistant to Lydia and Jeb.

  • When Lydia feels she doesn't get enough recognition, Jeb and Claude come up with a plan to give her a fake award, but they soon get too over their heads when Lydia gets too excited about the award.

  • Owen helps Claude deal with a moody Lydia, Kip finds out that Jeb picks on him because he is a weak target, and are Ramona and Carl related?

  • When Kip loses his apartment, Carl decides to take him in. Kip then gives Carl advice on how to date Claude, he reveals he knows a lot more about her than he thought.

  • When Jed is described as boring, Claude decides to get him publicity, but accidently ends up getting it herself.

  • Claude attempts to protect the owls living on her apartment building's roof. Meanwhile, Owen desperately searches for someone to be his emergency contact.

  • Flirting with De-feet Claude is concerned when Carl doesnt seem to be affected by her flirting with Ethan, the copy repairman. Meanwhile, Ramona finds out that Kipp is making money on the side as a foot model, and she demands to get involved. Owen takes the photos of their feet together, but when they find them online, it turns out that someone has turned their shoot into a bizarre sexual scene.

  • Upon returning from vacation, Claude learns that her boss, network anchor Will Butler, has resigned, leaving her jobless. Luckily her trusty friends, Owen and Ramona, have secured her a position as a temp on the 4th floor, right back where she started three years ago. Jeb Denton, the new anchorman, has promoted his wife, Lydia, to producer, and Claude's worst nightmare comes true when she's offered a job as Lydia's assistant. She hesitantly accepts the job on condition that she be given more responsibility, but working for Lydia proves to be a dangerous bargain. Meanwhile, Owen becomes addicted to Carl's new soft serve ice cream machine.

  • Claude encourages Charlie to audition for a band, but then, when he makes the cut and has to leave town indefinitely, she realizes her relationship skills are better applied to Jeb and Lydia. Meanwhile, Owen and Ramona throw a surprise birthday party for Carl, but it turns out to be a much bigger celebration than they'd expected.

  • To complete the GNB Management Training Program, Claude and Kipp must supervise a department. Claude is assigned to Supplies, where she struggles to assert her authority over hypersensitive Owen. Meanwhile Kipp is assigned to Operations, which he soon learns is the janitorial department. At first appalled at blue collar life, Kipp later embraces his new masculine side. Lydia fills in as Jeb's secretary, which proves awkward since they've broken up.

  • Claude discovers that Jeb and Lydia are pretending to be romantically interested in her and Kipp, respectively, as a means of making the other jealous. Meanwhile, Carl makes a long overdue visit to a doctor, played by Star Jones Reynolds, who makes him think he has more ailments than he really does.

  • Claude wins an extreme apartment makeover by the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" design team at a charity auction. While designers Tracy Hutson, Michael Moloney and Paul DiMeo (guest starring as themselves) redesign the apartment, Claude has to spend the night at GNB -- where there is a surprising amount of late night activity and intrigue.

  • Claude steps in to help Lydia and Jeb with their pre-nup, but finds she may have opened a Pandora's Box. Owen offers to help Claude with Will's fan mail, and forges a relationship with one fan in particular, Louise. But when Louise (played by Joan Rivers) shows up at GNB to meet Will, it could be trouble for everyone. Meanwhile Ramona cooks up an internet auction scheme to get back at Kipp for insulting her.

  • Will gives Claude the keys to his home in the Hamptons for a romantic weekend with Charlie, but when they arrive they're surprised to find that Lydia and Jeb had the same idea. Meanwhile Ramona makes a romantic connection with the geeky computer technician, Morpheus (Mark Curry), Carl and Kipp compete for the affection of the beautiful yet unattainable new producer, Laura (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), and Will gets a private lesson in his office from his tai chi instructor, Xin Xao Pi -- hilariously played by Regis Philbin.

  • Claude is excited to be starting the GNB Management Training Program with her new boyfriend, Charlie - until Kipp joins the program and befriends Charlie. Meanwhile, Owen volunteers to photograph Lydia and Jeb's wedding, but Lydia is uninterested until she sees his work up at a prominent New York art gallery. Paula Abdul guest stars as Kathleen, Will Butler's girlfriend and art gallery owner.

  • Claude's boyfriend Charlie temporarily moves in after his landlord pays him ten thousand dollars to move out. However, when Charlie becomes too comfortable with his new wealth and free living arrangements and begins holding auditions for his new band in her apartment, Claude questions her decision . In the meantime, Lydia wants Jeb to take dance lessons to prepare for their wedding, and Owen is the perfect teacher.

  • Carl's girlfriend, Viv, is friendly to everyone except Claude who, she thinks, is trying to steal Carl away from her. But when Carl breaks up with Viv for ridiculous reasons, Claude makes it her goal to get them back together. Meanwhile, Lydia convinces a restaurant to add Jeb's image on their famed wall, which forces Will off the wall.

  • Claude's ex-boyfriend, Charlie, returns to GNB and they decide to give their relationship a second try. Ramona convinces Claude to buy some sexy lingerie to reignite their passion, and Claude finally feels confident enough in her own skin to wear it, but is later embarrased when she is strip-searched at work. Meanwhile, GNB has reinstated the studio tour, putting pressure on Ramona and Owen to perform as if they had an audience; and Jeb at last seems to appreciate Kipp's work, but when he makes a terrible mistake, Lydia jumps in to help her friend.

  • The crew arrives at GNB's annual retreat to discover former human resources representative Schmidtline fired up to point out all their workplace flaws. Claude struggles to lead the group in a team-building task, and when things go poorly, they decide to go AWOL. Meanwhile, Will and Jeb are left to fend for themselves in the office.

  • Claude is put in charge of organizing the GNB on-air holiday greeting, but is alarmed to learn that there are strict criteria to determine who can represent the company - putting her in hot water with Owen, Ramona and Carl, to whom she had promised an appearance. Meanwhile Lydia refuses to rearrange her holiday plans with Jeb when he announces they must accommodate his son, George, and Kipp and his new girlfriend, Annie, encounter holiday relationship turbulence.

  • When Claude learns Carl's next "romantic" date with Vivian will consist of taking her out for pizza, she steps in to orchestrate a real romantic night for them. But when Vivian finds out Claude masterminded the date -- which takes place at Claude's apartment - she doesn't appreciate the interference in her budding romance with Carl. Meanwhile, jealousy rears its head when Jeb learns of Lydia's past relationship with Will, and a trivia contest brings out Owen and Ramona's competitive sides.

  • When Claude and Ramona suspect Kipp is bankrolling his Lasik surgery with ill-gotten company money, they go undercover to learn the truth. Meanwhile, Lydia is shocked to learn Jeb is hiding a dirty little secret about the fancy hotel she's chosen for their romantic rendezvous, and Owen and Carl help Will train for the NYC Marathon.

  • Claude applies for the GNB Management Training Program, assured by Ramona that she is a "shoo-in" to be selected. But when Kipp also applies for the program, it remains to be seen what will be Claude's greater obstacle to acceptance, Kipp or her own blossoming confidence. Meanwhile, Jeb learns Lydia plans to stop working once they're married, so he enlists Kipp to convince her otherwise -- but Jeb should be careful what he wishes for; and Owen and Carl conspire to make big money supplying fish to the GNB cafeteria, but their plan is endangered when Ramona becomes suspicious.

  • Ramona and Claude stumble upon an aged co-worker who has passed on to the next world, and when no one claims his belongings, Claude resolves to find his next of kin. Ramona, for her part, seizes the opportunity to move into the former colleague's office after finding out that Lydia wants to store her wedding materials in it. But a spirit seems to haunt the office, frightening Ramona and Owen and climaxing with supernatural events on Halloween Night. Meanwhile Carl, decked out as a Musketeer, flirts with a cafeteria patron dressed as a genie... will they reveal their true selves? And will Lydia and Jeb really go to the company Halloween party as Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt? Find out when the GNB staff celebrates Halloween in elaborate costumes.

  • Lydia, obsessed with planning her wedding, is driving her fianci, Jeb, crazy. Jeb decides to pay Claude to listen to Lydia discuss the wedding details so he doesn't have to, but complications result when Lydia begins to think of Claude as a real friend. Meanwhile, it turns out that the publicist assigned to promote Will's new biography, Tracy (Lucy Lawless), is an old flame, and they rekindle their romance. And Owen and Carl find that communicating through walkie talkies allows them to be more candid with each other.

  • Will is jealous of the publicity other network anchors are getting for their pro-social work, so he asks Claude to suggest a policy that can get him some positive press. Claude suggests helping the environment by adopting the "paperless office," but fails to consider how the new policy will affect Owen -- head of office supplies. Meanwhile, Kipp and Carl lose the key to Will's expensive car down an elevator shaft and must journey to the depths of the building to find it.

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