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The story of Level E takes place on Earth in the distant future where the planet has been populated and overrun by aliens. However, even though many aliens know about the other aliens species' presence on Earth, this has been kept as a secret to the humans of the planet.

An alien by the name of Baka, who is the prince of a planet called Dogra crashes onto Earth and instantly looses his memory.

From there, he is forced to live with a high school freshmen named Yukitaka Tsutsui and is made to live his life anew while letting go of his life as a prince.

Level E is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 2011.

Where do I stream Level E online? Level E is available for streaming on TV Tokyo, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Level E on demand at iTunes online.

Monday 1:45 PM et/pt on TV Tokyo
1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 10, 2011
Cast: Daisuke Namikawa, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Satomi Akesaka, Takehito Koyasu, Masaya Takatsuka
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Level E Full Episode Guide

  • The message sent by Princess Luna... What is her true goal? What is Prince's shocking decision? Level E wraps up with a final episode that goes above the diagonal of anything you could predict! Baka will be Baka, after all.

  • Prince Baka's younger brother and betrothed princess come to the Earth. Their goal is to perform the marriage ceremony and confirm the prince's place as heir to the throne. The prince doesn't want to become King, so he hides himself in Yukitaka's place... However...

  • Yukitaka and the rest of the members of the Kisaragi baseball time stop and catch their breath... Is this... the Koshien? Why are they suddenly at that place? Amid the confusion, the siren sounds signaling the start of a game. What will be the fate of Kisaragi High's baseball team?

  • The boys deal with Shimizu, who isn't honest with himself when he learns that he's going to have to move to America. A female alien is treated as merchandise, sold to the highest bidder. When the boy and girl meet, the final battle of the Color Rangers begins!

  • The man that the Macbac Queen, Princess Saki, has chosen as her mate is actually a woman! Saki leaves the Earth, disappointed ... The Earth is saved from the Macbac, who destroy the entire race of whichever man they choose as their mate. Or is it?!

  • The Macbac race is all female. It is said that the race they choose as their "man" always dies out after a few generations. Their princess comes landing on Earth for observation... The battle between love and the survival of the human race begins!

  • Shimizu and the others were warped to the planet Calvary thanks to the prince. And they found themselves in a garden of monsters that the prince had created. To return to the Earth, they must defeat the ruler of the monsters, the Demon Lord.They raised their levels and set forth full of confidence, but waiting for them right at the beginning of the story is a monster with the strength of a final boss... "Can we really survive and get home?"With their hopes dashed, Shimizu and the others unexpectedly reunite with the prince. What is the ending for them in this ultimate life-or-death predicament?! The hot-blooded adventures of the Color Rangers draws to a close! Run! Color Rangers! Fight! Color Rangers!

  • The prince half forces Shimizu and the others to become Color Rangers.To return to their previous lives, they have to take off the wristbands with a key. And the one who holds this key is the devil Craft, who is in Yamagata.Shimizu and the gang gear themselves up and head to Yamagata. After a fierce struggle, they are successful in recovering the key. Finally able to return to their peaceful lives, they hang out as usual in the classroom when... they are transported to a completely unknown place.Where? The planet Calvary, 500 million light-years away from the Earth!What in the world happened to them? Can they return safely to the Earth?The hot-burning passionate adventure of the Color Rangers has only just begun!! Go forth! Color Rangers! Fight! Color Rangers!

  • Craft and his friends have come to take back the mysterious man who lost his memories.However, they are cornered because of the incident that he caused...They are up against the worst possible race, the warmongering Disckonians.Their spaceship restrained, the apartment surrounded, Craft and the others have nowhere to run.Yukitaka is also caught up in the middle.In the time they have left, the only hope they have resides in the lost memories of the man.Will they really be able to escape this situation in one piece?The full truth revealed, they all stand frozen in their tracks, dumbfounded.But, knowing the truth, Yukitaka has something he must say...With a shocking conclusion, this is the finale of the 3-part prologue!

  • Captain Craft and two officers come to Earth to retrieve Yukitaka's resident alien. The leader of the Diskunians warns them that they will kill anyone who crosses their paths. Unfortunately, Yukitaka's house guest manages to do just that.

  • Yukitaka Tsutsui moved to the countryside to play baseball for the local high school. He was expecting to live on his own, but he already has a house guest - an amnesiac alien who just crashed into town and has no intentions of leaving.