My Bare Lady

My Bare Lady features four American adult film actresses who are given an opportunity in the United Kingdom to become real actresses and learn from the best of what the UK has to offer. The casting call was held in the U.S. by a British casting director who selected four adult female stars to attend a professional acting school in London. The premise of the show is to see if adult film stars can cut it in the real world of acting.

For years, many adult film stars boasted that they can act in real Hollywood scripts if given just one chance at it. This show provides that chance to see if these adult stars have the work ethic and talent that they claim to possess. Unfortunately in this England acting program, the criteria to become successful is a bit more stringent. From Shakespeare to other classic stage dramas, the girls are in for a rude awakening about what it takes to become a versatile actor. Getting to work with real stage and film actors in England highlights the talent-level distance between them. The girls start on a really tough journey to becoming the actresses that they desire to be.

My Bare Lady also takes us through the lives and experiences of the cast to show where they came from and the experiences that they went through. The cast is brought together to live in a house for three weeks and work on their voice, projection, looks, and posture. The girls are given a large packet of performance scripts to study and work on to present. During their stay of hard and study, tempers flare, and frustration sets in while realizing that they may have bitten off more than they can chew. The scripts seem like a foreign language to them while working together under such close quarters brings out a bit of aggravation to the set, combined with some tough coaching and judging.

2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
December 7, 2006
Cast: Louie Spence, Casey Parker, Veronica Rayne, Sunny Leone
My Bare Lady

My Bare Lady Full Episode Guide

  • The girls are way short of their earnings goal and hope their cocktail party will lead to big sales.

  • After the girls' first few days running their new business, Veronica is already turning on her boss, Casey.

  • After 3 weeks of feuding, the girls have to put their differences aside as they spend the day competing in team building exercises.

  • Tension in the house remains high after a fallout between Sunny and Veronica.

  • The girls host a charity event raising money for abandoned babies.

  • The girls are treated to a full "business friendly" makeover.

  • The girls take on a car wash challenge.

  • Our four adult film stars, Brooke Haven, Casey Parker, Sunny Leone and Veronica Rayne, start their training on how to become legitimate business women.

  • It's showtime for the Bare Ladies as their challenge reaches its sensational climax as they are about to...

  • Things get dramatic for the porn stars and, as their theatrical performance grows closer, relationships get...

  • Things are heating up and getting hard as work starts for the four adult film stars with acting, voice, and...

  • Four American female adult film stars decide to become classical actresses with less than a month of training...

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