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In this series, teams of investigators try to get some answers behind some of the world's most enduring mysteries, both historical and paranormal. This spinoff of MonsterQuest expands the parent series' focus on mythical creatures to include such real-world mysteries such as the final fate of Adolph Hitler.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
September 16, 2009
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Stan Bernard
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  • The Amityville Horror could possibly be history's most famous haunting. Nearly every known form of paranormal activity was experienced in this Long Island home. Now there are similar phenomena occurring in a new location.

  • To this day no one knows the true purpose of Stonehenge. There are many theories and MysteryQuest travels to the ancient ruin with a new theory--that ancient people may have used the sound reverberations inside this circle to induce a trance-like state among participants in ancient rituals. The team will attempt to find evidence to crack this mystery.

  • A look at the history of Alcatraz Island, located in the middle of San Francisco Bay and once a federal prison which opened in 1934. It was deemed inescapable, but in 1962, three inmates managed to get off the island, but their fates have remained a mystery. Investigators try to determine if the men could have survived the frigid waters and make it to shore.

  • Investigators look into reports of Nazi SS personnel, such as Josef Mengele and Martin Bormann, who are believed to have escaped justice after World War II through the help of a secret organization known as ODESSA and sympathetic members of the Catholic Church. They reportedly fled to Paraguay where they plotted to reestablish their sinister regime.

  • Shadowed by military security, investigators trek into the Nevada desert and use the latest in surveillance technology to monitor supposed UFO activity at the most classified U.S. government installation, Area 51.

  • Using the latest in sonar and underwater exploration technology, investigators dive to various submerged ruins, including Bimini Road in the Bahamas, with the hope that one of them could possibly be the remains of the legendary city of Atlantis.

  • The San Francisco Bay Area was terrorized by a serial killer known as Zodiac who angered the residents and taunted the police. With the use of DNA technology, investigators were able to identify a new suspect in the crime spree.

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