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NYC 22 is another in a long line of "cop shows" on American television. NYC 22 is best described as an American procedural drama that involves watching New York police officers going about their business. The show ran from April until August 2012 and aired on CBS. The premise of the serious is showing a set of very diverse rookie cops that are just getting started with their job of patrolling the streets of New York City. The challenges they face are diverse and extremely entertaining for viewers.

NYC 22 revolves around the lives of NYPD rookies Ray "Lazarus" Harper, Jennifer "White House" Perry, Kenny McLaren, Tonya Sanchez, and Jayson "Jackpot" Toney. Each of these rookies have their own unique story. Harper was a former newspaper reporter and Perry was a Marine veteran from the Iraq War. Kenny McLaren has a family background in the NYPD, while Sanchez has a family history of criminals. "Jackpot" Toney was a famous NBA basketball player.

Ray Parker is the oldest of the NYC 22 rookies. He was a news reporter where investigating stories was about the extent of his job. However, he was ready for a change and wanted to be on the right side of things instead of the wrong side. Tonya Sanchez is trying to turn her life around, after being worried that she will be taken down the criminal route as most of her family already has. There is also Ahmad "Kiterunner" Kahn who was an Afghan refugee who managed to get asylum in the United States. Things are not easy for him in the work force, particularly because of his ethnicity.

NYC 22 shows just how difficult and intimidating it can be for some rookies to patrol New York City. They all think that being a cop is easy, especially after they go through their hardcore training. However, things are never as they seem.

Training itself was difficult for these rookies, as they had Daniel "Yoda" Dean putting them through their paces. Every mistake is shined on in a huge light and they are constantly reminded that as cops out on the "mean streets" they are totally on their own.

What many viewers will find appealing about NYC 22 is that it is not excessively dramatic. Things are shown with as much reality as possible. The show gives viewers a true idea of how a rookie's life is and just how diverse the different officers working for the New York Police Department can be.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
April 15, 2012
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama
Cast: Adam Goldberg, Leelee Sobieski, Stark Sands, Judy Marte
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NYC 22 Full Episode Guide

  • Lazarus and Tonya must convince tenants to evacuate their condemned building before it's destroyed. Meanwhile, Kenny and Ahmad search for a pickpocket among a group of vendors, and Jackpot and White House patrol a street ball tournament.

  • Lazarus is desperate to find an anonymous Good Samaritan who helped him save a boy from a burning building. Meanwhile, Tonya and Ahmad go undercover, and Kenny and Jackpot find themselves cornered by an alligator.

  • A bodega owner shoots two men accused of kidnapping his daughter. Meanwhile, recent muggings at a local prep school become personal for Lazarus, and White House and Jackpot escort an injured prisoner to the hospital.

  • White House and Jackpot try to persuade a jumper off the ledge of a building. Meanwhile, Lazarus and Tonya search for the parents of a minor involved in a hate crime. Also, a missing dog's owner creates drama for Kenny and Ahmad.

  • Jackpot and White House respond to a car crash where a pregnant woman and her husband are trapped. Meanwhile, a plum assignment with a veteran detective isn't what it appears to be for Kenny and Ahmad, and Lazarus and Tonya guard a raided PCP lab.

  • Kenny and Ahmad discover there's more than meets the eye when an Ivy League student robs the man who's been mentoring him. Meanwhile, Lazarus and Tonya try to stop teens from harassing a couple.

  • Kenny and Ahmad must sift through the chaos of a Harlem block party for a suspected rapist. Meanwhile, White House and Jackpot discover human remains which were dug up from a backyard.

  • Ahmad is forced to think quickly when he believes Apple is in danger after robbers hold up a bar with off-duty cops inside.

  • Yoda recalls a case from his rookie days when a drug lord from the 1980s is paroled and seeks revenge on those responsible for his arrest. Also, Tonya and Kenny raid a brothel, while Ahmad and White House help a hustler who is being pursued by a loan shark.

  • Kenny and Lazarus try to locate the suspect before he can detonate a bomb at a public rally.

  • White House and Jackpot discover a secret while questioning a man who thwarted a bank robbery. Meanwhile, Kenny's authoritative father, Deputy Inspector Jack McLaren, shows up at the 22nd Precinct, and Lazarus confronts the Shannon bar thug.

  • During the rookies' first midnight duty, Lazarus and Tonya attempt to prevent rival gangs from moving in after a drug dealer's house is firebombed. Meanwhile, Jackpot and Ahmad are shadowed by a rap star who is playing a cop in an upcoming movie.

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