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Opening Act is a television series produced by Nigel Lythgoe and his team. In this series the artistic development team of the agency searches the Internet for top talent for singer, songwriters, and bands. Often they are invited to the show not knowing that it is a chance to succeed. These stars often have many obstacles to overcome like lack of money, family members that don't support them, illness, and problems with moving. The team often picks great talent that have many problems to overcome before arriving at the show. It is also a talent reality show. They do not have to deal with judges, or auditions. They connect with top talent that can help them.

In the first series the group chooses some singers to perform with top talent. A girl named Arielle is chosen to perform with Rod Stewart. She is chosen from viewing a You Tube Video and has five days to get ready to perform with Rod Stewart. Her singing is compared by one viewer to Adelle. In episode two Twenty Four Seven opens for Gym Class Band. This means an unknown band has to overcome obstacles to perform with this band. This makes an interesting live reality show about musicians and their struggle to succeed.

The team will help the chosen performers pack to get to the location, and give them emotional support and coaching to help them succeed. They choose talent from blues, rock, jazz, country, and other categories by surfing the Internet. This is a great opportunity for a performer to get known. Those chosen come from all walks of life from salesmen to teen country singers. It gives them an opportunity they may have never had.

A good program for the family and children. It shows the reality of trying to succeed in the competitive music industry with a real dose of reality. It will show you that some dreams really do come true.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on E!
1 Season, 8 Episodes
July 9, 2012
Cast: Jason Derulo, Martina McBride, Pete Wentz
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Opening Act Full Episode Guide

  • The first season closes with singer Von Smith discovering he's been given the chance of a lifetime to be the opening act for Lady Gaga in Australia.

  • Members of New York R&B group Gotham Citi are given the chance of a lifetime to be the opening act for Nicki Minaj in Miami.

  • Internet sensation Tanner Patrick is offered the chance of a lifetime to be the opening act for Brad Paisley.

  • The band members of Joy Island move from Boston to Hollywood after learning that they are opening for LMFAO in concert.

  • A Denver TV salesman is offered the chance of a lifetime to open for Jason Mraz in Hawaii.

  • Teen country singer Kylie Morgan is offered the chance of a lifetime to open for Jason Aldean in concert.

  • Detroit band TwentyForSeven is offered the chance of a lifetime when they are chosen to open for Gym Class Heroes.

  • In the series premiere, Texas native, Arielle, is offered the chance of a lifetime when she is chosen to open for Rod Stewart.

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