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In her journey, Pocahontas and her spiritual companion Hopi Ho, get the chance to become acquainted with the different ways of living, customs, houses, foods, ceremonies and legends of the different American indian tribes that they visit.
 Pocahontas shares her message of love, peace, brotherhood, and valuable life lessons.

Janson Media
1 Season, 25 Episodes
August 31, 1991
Action, Adventure, Animation, Family
Cast: Teresa Pascarelli, Francis Pardeilhan, Gregory Snegoff, Marco Balzarotti
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Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indians Full Episode Guide

  • Pocahontas speaks to the Incas from the top of Machu Picchu and then goes to the coast of Peru, escorted by Huascar and an Incas patrol. After having repelled, with some difficulty, the attack of Javaroos, wild people of the forest, they arrive on the coast where they board a big raft. They go aboard with an Inca warrior and go towards their land and their time.

  • Arrived in the wonderful city of Tenochtitlan, they are received without particular warmth by Montezuma II. They visit the city and Pocahontas speaks to all from the top of the Sun-pyramid. They visit Tenochtitlan bringing with them an Aztec warrior and go South to arrive in Colombia. From there, one of the Incas roads leading to Cusco starts and they find a patrol that is awaiting them.

  • After speaking to two Spanish prisoners of the Mayas, the group arrives at the place of the meeting. Pocahontas there has the confirmation that Maya make human sacrifices and she is disgusted by this rite and starts preaching of sharing love towards everybody and all creatures. A Maya warrior joins Pocahontas' group and escorted by an Aztec patrol, heads towards Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Capital.

  • Pocahontas and her warriors leave Cahokia and go to the South.Once in Florida, with the help of a Seminole Shaman,they reach Yucatan and are moved back in time, a few hundred years before the Spanish invaded those lands. When they arrived there, they meet the Mayas and their amazing civilization. They are welcomed by Batab of Ulmax and his sister. Pocahontas makes her speech in front of thousands.

  • Cahokia is a city rich of pyramid-shaped temples and palaces. The chief shaman explains to them the organization of the city and the powers of Big Sun, the only absolute sovereign of North America. But the times are changing. Outside the walls of the city, Spanish settlers are camped. Their messenger invites everybody to a party in Pocahontas' honor. A ball-game will be played between them.

  • The group leaves Arizona and goes to the East. On the banks of the Arkansas river they meet Little Puma a Coctaw, Gust of Wind a Cherokee and Tattooed Snake a Natchez, who are going to Cahokia, the holy city, to listen to Pocahontas' message. They join the group and speak about their powerful confederation, of which Cahokia is one of the most important city.

  • Pocahontas and her warriors respect Hopi-Ho's strong and surprisingly healthy grandfather, who gives all of them encouragements and wise advice. Returned at the Mesa, they watch the ceremony Wuwuchin. The Kachina "Blue Star," prophet of woe, tunes in his song confirming to everybody the defeats that their people must suffer in the future and the final triumph.

  • The group goes to the Second Mesa, where Hopi-Ho's house is. There, somebody is waiting to honor them, celebrate the victory, and initiate them into the mysteries of the Kachinas. The victory party is complete with competitions and games to which warriors of all tribes participate, and very often, are won by Pocahontas and her friends.

  • Pocahontas, her warriors, and the sacred animals, go to the San Francisco Mountain for the final battle. The fight among the Good and the Evil is terrible, long, and fought at many levels. For the fierce Spider Woman and her warriors, the result is uncertain but in the end the Good succeeds in a triumphing victory.

  • After having watched the Sun-dance, Pocahontas and her group, to whom a Sioux , a Cheyenne, a Kiowa, a Blackfeet and an Arapaho are added, go South. Hopi-Ho is happy to come back home but he is worried because here is where they will face the final fight against their powerful enemies. In the Monument Valley they are welcomed by Navajos, Hopi, Apache, Zuni and fifty more less known tribes.

  • In the Sioux camp there are horses given as present by Comanches and the warriors of all the tribes are learning to use them for hunting. During the celebrations a competition is organized that Pocahontas, on her White Stallion, will win.

  • Hopi-Ho recognizes the strange American Indians who have attacked them. They are Hopi warriors of Spider Woman' s Clan. To defeat them, Pocahontas and Hopi-Ho ask for help from the Kachina Spirits and at the end, they know that the final encounter will be on the San Francisco Mountain's slopes. When they reach the Black Hills, they meet some Sioux who are hunting bisons.

  • While everybody is engaged in the preparations of the Big Party in Pocahontas' honor, she gets to know the tribes of the area and their lifestyle. After the Great Party, Pocahontas who knows how important horses will become to them, offers to teach, all who wish, how to ride. Pocahontas makes her speech to the Tribes. Black Elk and Red Owl decide to join as escort.

  • The group goes on horseback towards the Twin Waterfalls, where the tribes of Table-Land and Great Dock are waiting. In the last stretch, Black Elk, a young Shoshoni shaman/chief goes to meet them. At the waterfalls, Pocahontas is hailed by Ute, Paiute, Shoshoni, Nez Percè, Modoc and many other tribes.

  • California's Northern Tribes chose Little Fox, young warrior and shaman Miwok, as their representative to escort Pocahontas. The group takes the road again going towards the table-land. Once they have gone to the mountains, they must confront a terrible snowstorm and again, receive help from the sacred animals. They continue their journey by canoes on the river Humbolt.

  • The group is accompanied by a patrol at the place of the Council, where they find, waiting for them, the areas' Tribes: Miwok, Yokut, Talowa and others. These people transformed the manufacturing of baskets into a real art. Pocahontas gets the opportunity to appreciate the qualities of these tribes before communicating to them the Great Spirit's Message.

  • Pocahontas bids farewell to the Eskimos and heads toward the North Coast of the Pacific Ocean, accompanied by her escorts to which three very courageous young Eskimos are added: Lel, Nui and Miutlik. They reject a sudden and unexpected attack of Kutchins and then, they head themselves toward the West Coast, where they are welcomed by the Salish, the Haida, and the Tinglit.

  • Pocahontas and her escort, accompanied by a lot of Eskimos, continue their journey to the North Pole. After a sudden snowfall, they have to change from the canoes to sleighs. Arriving at the Mackenzie River's Mouth, they are welcomed by the powerful Shaman Arnatoak. He is willing to help Pocahontas locate her enemies and, to do it, they'll have to go where the eternal ices are.

  • Sincere Plume has joined Pocahontas' escorts and together they leave the Winnipeg's Lake Tribes and go on towards the North Pole. After some days, they're attacked by a ferocious gang of renegades and they save themselves thanks to the intervention of the sacred animals. Pocahontas and Hopi-Ho begin suspecting there is an enemy hidden in the shadows, intent on making their mission fail.

  • Pocahontas and her escorts leave Niagara Falls, directed North. During a violent storm that imperils their lives, they discover the countless powers of the holy animals. Continuing, they meet a Sincere Plume, a young Cree warrior, who offers to guide them to Winnipeg Lake, where some tribes are waiting eagerly for them, anxious to hear the message of the Great Spirit.

  • Pocahontas speaks in front of a great crowd with Niagara Falls in the background. She receives words of support, supplied from Hopi-Ho, the holy animals, and the Corn Spirit. After the speech, she plans to leave for the Arctic Region. Wandering Spirit tells her that the Tribe Council has assigned her new escorts: Miac, Mic-Mac, Ciwa, and Cippewa.

  • The group arrives to Niagara Falls, where all the North-East Tribes are waiting. Pocahontas talks with their respective councils, where she then learns about their customs and traditions. We are then introduced to "Wandering Spirit," an Iroquois wise woman who tells Pocahontas the legend of Hiawata, the creator of the "Five Nation League".

  • The three friends continue their journey towards the Niagara Falls. Hopi-Ho tries in vain to resist Moc's continues verbal provocations. Moc hides his hypersensitivity behind an arrogant and a little boaster attitude. They are intercepted by a Iroquois patrol that will guide them to the meeting place. The patrol's Chief is Yellow Wolf, young Seneca warrior, tribe enemy of Mohicans.

  • Gyva, the Grandmother of Pocahontas, tells her grandchild that the time for her destiny to unfold has arrived. Hopi-Ho, the young Hopi Shaman, has set out on a journey for her. Together, they are destined to impart a message to all the people and tribes of the continent which the Great Spirit gave them. They first travel north. After a while they encounter Moc, a young Mohican who will join them.

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