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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

Psychic Matchmaker is a reality television show that aired on TLC in 2015. The show follows the famous Miami-based psychic Deborah Graham, who helps people find their perfect match using her psychic abilities. Andrew Stein co-hosts the show as he takes the viewers through all the procedures used by Graham to find true love and compatible soulmates.

Deborah Graham has been a psychic for over 20 years, and her skills are well renowned in her community. Her unique gift has helped her to bring love and happiness to many people. On the show, she uses her psychic ability to connect her clients to their soulmates by looking beyond basic compatibility tests and traditional matchmaking methods.

Each episode of Psychic Matchmaker features several clients, all with different backgrounds and reasons for seeking a partner. Graham conducts a one-on-one reading with each of her clients to get insight into their personalities, preferences, and the energies they carry with them. She uses this information to identify the kind of person who will be the perfect match for them.

After the reading, Graham consults with her team to choose potential matches using different scientific and spiritual methods. Sometimes, she uses astrology or numerology, while other times, she simply relies on her intuition. Because of her ability to connect with people on a deep level, Graham can not only look for love matches based on physical appearance and interests but also on deeper, more personal traits.

Once the matches have been chosen, the clients go on dates with their potential soulmates, and the cameras follow them to document their journey. During the dates, Graham offers coaching to her clients and provides insight and guidance to ensure that they connect on a deep level. She can even predict the outcome of the date and whether the couple will be good long-term partners.

Throughout the series, viewers watch as Graham's extraordinary gift of matchmaking helps her clients find love and lasting relationships. Many of her clients come to her with emotional baggage or have been unlucky in love before, but because of her intuitive approach, she is able to help them let go of their fears and create healthy relationships.

Besides the traditional client-based matchmaking segment of the show, Psychic Matchmaker also features broader relationship advice and analysis. Graham offers tips and advice on developing and maintaining a healthy relationship. Her advice delves into intimacy, communication, and self-esteem, among other topics. She also educates the audience on the spiritual and physical benefits of meditation and its role in creating meaningful relationships.

Overall, psychic Matchmaker is an engaging and comforting show that offers viewers a different perspective on matchmaking and relationships. The show is insightful and educational, and it offers hope to people who have been searching for love. Audience members can gain insight into their own relationships and also obtain valuable tips on creating lasting relationships.

In conclusion, Psychic Matchmaker, hosted by Deborah Graham and Andrew Stein, is a reality show that offers viewers a unique and insightful approach to matchmaking. By blending intuition, astrology, numerology, and other scientific and spiritual methods, Graham can help her clients find love and lasting relationships. The show is both entertaining and educational, offering valuable relationship advice and a fresh perspective on what it takes to find true love.

Psychic Matchmaker is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (11 episodes). The series first aired on May 1, 2015.

Psychic Matchmaker
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I'm the Polygraph Test
11. I'm the Polygraph Test
May 27, 2016
Summary not available
You Were A Player
10. You Were A Player
May 27, 2016
Summary not available
I Was Ready To Give Up
9. I Was Ready To Give Up
May 26, 2016
Summary not available
A Little Intervention
8. A Little Intervention
May 26, 2016
Summary not available
The One That Got Away
7. The One That Got Away
May 25, 2016
Summary not available
I Want Him Gone
6. I Want Him Gone
May 24, 2016
Deborah reads one of her long-term clients, who in the past, was not ready for love and had a tendency to attract the wrong guys. But while on a golfing date with her husband, will Deborah finally find the perfect guy that her client's been looking for?
You Were a Player
5. You Were a Player
May 15, 2015
Deborah's new client is Walter, whom she met at a cafe with Robin. Ashamed by his past relationships, Deborah believes she can find Walter a good match, but caveats that he must come clean about his past relationships.
No Coincidences
4. No Coincidences
May 8, 2015
Deborah gets ready to sell her house, but worries that lingering energy is keeping buyers away. She reads Yuliyah, a new client who tends to date very controlling men. Yuliyah loves animals, so Deborah decides to hit the dog park on the hunt for a match.
I'm Shaking Right Now
3. I'm Shaking Right Now
May 8, 2015
Deborah reads Chrystine, a client who has suffered from a heartbreaking loss and is determined to help her open up and find a soul mate. They go to a speed-dating event together and Deborah reads a potential match, but her search doesn't stop there.
I Can Feel His Presence
2. I Can Feel His Presence
May 1, 2015
Michelle, who suffered a tragic loss a few years ago, is ready for love but afraid to open herself up to it. Enlisting Deborah's help, can Michelle face her fears and believe in love again?
I Need a Man
1. I Need a Man
May 1, 2015
Deborah reads a new client, Julie, who has issues from her childhood holding her back. Meanwhile, Deborah's husband hopes she can turn off her psychic abilities for one evening while they host a barbecue.
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    May 1, 2015