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Rhoda is a sitcom about the life of the title character Rhoda Morgenstern. After living in Minnesota for several years Rhoda chooses to go back to New York where her parents and younger sister live. Her parents are typical Jewish parents, with her mother often using guilt to get Rhoda to do things she really doesn't want to do. At first, she moves in with her sister Brenda, who has a very nasal way of speaking. Brenda is dating a guy named Nick who is not the most dependable guy in the world. Brenda often breaks up with Nick only to change her mind and get back with him because she has very little self-esteem.

As the older sister, Rhoda has managed to develop a stronger personality than Brenda, which is in large part because she moved away from her parents for a while. The apartment Brenda lives in is not very big which causes chaos between the sisters. Rhoda decides to temporarily move in with her parents while she also focuses on her career as a professional designer who creates window displays. Eventually Rhoda meets a man whom she marries. This brings approval from her mother who has pushed her to get married for many years.

Rhoda and husband Joe start off their new life with a lot of happiness, which eventually turns sour. The couple seeks professional help which leads to Joe's confession of not wanting to get married in the first place. While Rhoda will never admit it, she does have a lot of her mother's traits. She did put pressure on Joe to get married when what he had really proposed was for the two of them to live together. After several attempts to reconcile their differences, the two end up getting divorced. Meanwhile, Rhoda's sister Brenda, who's low self-esteem was in part due to her being overweight, drops several pounds and starts dating other men.

5 Seasons, 111 Episodes
September 9, 1974
Cast: Valerie Harper

Rhoda Full Episode Guide

  • Brenda runs away having felt as if everyone was trying to run her life for her.

  • Earl, Benny's brother, offers Jack the $5,000 he needs to keep his store from going into debt. But this is only a plot to spend more time with Rhoda.

  • Martin accidentally swallows a golden heart-shaped pendant he bought for Ida, just after giving to him.

  • Rhoda's date manages to get his head stuck inside a kooky mask just before it's time to head off to an awards dinner.

  • Benny has a feeling of being down, so Brenda decides to give him her total attention to cheer him up.

  • Rhoda convinces Jack that he will need a set of new clothes to match his svelte body, but both wish they hadn't.

  • Martin returns from Florida and is ready to reconcile with Ida. But Ida believes she deserves a second courtship to see if they still have that spark.

  • Ida decides to add a roommate in order to divert the cost of living in New York. But the couple she chooses leaves her to rethink her idea.

  • Rhoda accompanies Brenda on her first meeting with Bennie's family, and who'd expect that she would hit it off with his brother. Unfortunately, this leads to one of her worst dates ever.

  • Brenda and Bennie become engaged, but Ida refuses to give her blessing for this wedding.

  • Rhoda becomes upset when she learns that Ida is dating a much younger man.

  • Rhoda, Brenda and Bennie head to Florida in search for their father.

  • Rhoda and Brenda have set up a 60th birthday party for their father, but are told that he is feeling ill. Later they learn the truth, that he had moved out over 2 weeks ago.

  • With their car stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere, food supplies are running low and tempers are running high, the two of them realize they have learned a valuable lesson.

  • Jack has been feeling down all week long, so Rhoda decides to cheer him up by heading out on a road trip...but even that turns out to be a disaster.

  • When an evening out with Jack is shortened due to his bad back, Rhoda finds herself playing nurse to him.

  • Rhoda finds her day has been filled with a number of wacky mishaps.

  • Brenda's bank is holding their final First Security Bank Girl, and she is finally in the running to win.

  • Gary and Benny go into business together, but find out that working with friends is a horrible idea.

  • Rhoda and Jack are locked in the stores basement as a party rages upstairs to bring in new business.

  • Rhoda and Brenda have tired of playing 'mom' to Gary, now that his parents are living in Florida, and Ida takes over until even she has had too much.

  • Rhoda and Brenda decide to go to night school, where the teacher believes Rhoda was cheating on a test.

  • Rhoda's boss is set to meet with his oldest friend, and asks her for a favor.

  • Ida is hinting around to see if a party is scheduled for her anniversary, but everyone tells her that she is mistaken.

  • Rhoda finds out she is spending all her time at the costume shop and hasn't had time for her family and friends.

  • Brenda and Rhoda try to give Ida's spirits a boost after she realizes all her friends are deceased.

  • Rhoda urges Brenda to try therapy to help her get past her shyness.

  • Rhoda is left to clean up the mess when Johnny's solo debut in the nightclub fizzles out.

  • Ida sets up a family dinner, and to keep it from being dull breaks in with the home movies.

  • Rhoda sets up for a weekend alone with her new man, Mike.

  • Rhoda's new boss at the Doyle Costume Company introduces her to Mike, one of his customers who is the owner of a couple of restaurants.

  • Ida wants to buy her husband a new waterbed for their wedding anniversary and takes on a job working at the Doyle Costume Company.

  • Rhoda seems back to her old life when she realizes she has a pair of great theater seats and no one to go with.

  • Brenda is enjoying having both Gary and Benny aiming for her affection, that is until they both show up for a date on the same night.

  • Having looked for a job unsuccessfully for a couple of weeks now, Rhoda is ecstatic to get hired to fix up the window of a rundown costume-rental company.

  • Ida returns home from her cross country tour only to discover that Rhoda is divorced and Brenda refuses to talk about her private affairs.

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