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Seriously Funny Kids features children being interviewed on a variety of topics, and in different situations. The off-the-cuff, earnest remarks of the show's child guests are the focus of the show. The humor comes from the rampant unpredictability of a child's mind, and the laughs are genuine. Heidi Klum hosts.

Tuesdays at 9 & 9:30PM et/pt on Lifetime
1 Season, 20 Episodes
February 1, 2011
Cast: Mocean Melvin, Heidi Klum
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Seriously Funny Kids Full Episode Guide

  • Host Heidi Klum learns that aging isn't all that bad, screen tests with two kids, and surprises one girl with a talking gift basket.

  • Host Heidi Klum throws a temper tantrum when an 8-year-old informs her she's no longer on the "best dressed" list, Bijan shares his money-making secrets, Heidi gets comedy material from the kids at the children's hospital.

  • Host Heidi Klum is educated on how to walk like a "real" runway model, dinosaur fanatics can't keep a secret and a girl gives Heidi advice about what to wear to attract men.

  • Host Heidi Klum poses as a young girl who likes to tell "tall tales," a young wrestler shows off his skills and a little girl witnesses a disastrous wedding proposal.

  • Host Heidi Klum poses as a young girl who tells "tall tales", a young wrestler shows off his push-ups and little girl witnesses a disastrous wedding proposal.

  • Heidi Klum receives lessons from a boy who believes he's a wizard, kid reporters for "Farm TV" get the ultimate switcheroo and the future king of hip hop is a great dancer and an accountant.

  • Heidi gets educated about plastic surgery from two kids and grants wishes as a genie in a bottle.

  • Heidi and one little boy re-enact Forrest Gump. Later, World famous skateboarder Tony Hawk gets interactive with some kids playing his video game, and Heidi interviews 11-year-old Russian Opera Singer Josie.

  • Heidi Klum interacts with children as they share some of their hilarious insights.

  • Heidi Klum talks to a 7-year old skateboarder, a mind-reading goat entertains children, and a boy is under pressure to help out a stranger by lying.

  • Host Heidi Klum learns all about zombies, introduces a set of twins to some talking stuffed animals and meets a 6-year-old drummer who really knows how to rock it out.

  • Host Heidi Klum asks two little boys to take a walk in her 5-inch heels, gets a lesson on where people come from and re-enacts a scene from Casablanca.

  • Heidi makes magic cupcakes, teaches yodeling, and and is educated about supernatural involvement in the building of the pyramids.

  • Heidi has tea-time and later gets a makeover and a unibrow.

  • Talking lizard; the world's worst-tasting cupcakes.

  • Heidi discusses poop, teaches modeling, and receives therapy.

  • Heidi re-enacts a scene from Gone With the Wind and surprises the biggest little Laker fan with a visit from Pao Gasol.

  • Heidi Klum and a 6 year old go for a joyride to China, some kids cook on a fabricated German cooking show and Heidi goes back in time as George Washington.

  • Heidi Klum gets interrogated about her boyfriend, kids are introduced to her talking fish and Heidi needs a Kleenex after she finds herself with a large booger on her face.

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