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This reality TV show follows a group of mercenaries from around the World who band together under the leadership of Briton Bob Parr to provide security and protection for certain groups in some of the most dangerous places on the planet. The team is made up of former special forces members who use their skills in a variety of environments to complete the missions they are employed to work on. Former British special forces member Bob Parr leads the team on most expeditions and must ensure his team are fully trained and equipped to complete their mission as directed.

History Channel
1 Season, 8 Episodes
November 7, 2008
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Bob Parr
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Shadow Force Full Episode Guide

  • Rebel units descend from the jungles of Congo and terrorize the hundreds of thousands of refugees who are stuck in desperate camps.

  • The team heads to the Congo to assist the park rangers in a battle against gorilla poachers by using new technology which can track the gorilla population, and how call for help when a poacher is encountered.

  • The team helps combat tribal wars while in Kenya.

  • While off the coast of Liberia the team investigates a ship moving mysteriously near the US Embassy, where president Bush is suppose to visit soon.

  • The team lends a hand to the park rangers in the Congo in the effort to stop national forest depletion, which is losing it's coal to strip mining for charcoal.

  • The team tries to stop trackers of Black Rhino's who are killed for their valuable ivory horns. Tracking devices will be placed inside the horns so that they can trace them back to the ivory dealers.

  • The team heads off the coast of Liberia to try and stop the illegal fishing there.

  • The team sets up maritime operations in Monrovia Harbor in Liberia, to combat piracy. They must gather information on suspects while living among the criminals.

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