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The story of Taisho Baseball Girls takes place in the year 1925. The story focuses around a time when women weren't allowed to become baseball players and instead, they were forced to become housewives. However, two young high school girls named Akiko and Koume decide to one day start their own baseball team to prove to all men that women can play baseball as well.

During this time, these young girls encounter many problems when it comes to looking to recruit new members for their team. They not only must get permission from their parent first, but they must also learn about the sport of baseball before they can play the game.

Taisho Baseball Girls is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on July 1, 2010.

Where do I stream Taisho Baseball Girls online? Taisho Baseball Girls is available for streaming on Anime Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Taisho Baseball Girls on demand at iTunes online.

Anime Network
1 Season, 12 Episodes
July 1, 2010
Cast: Mamiko Noto, Satomi Arai, Satoshi Hino, Kana Ueda, Ayumi Fujimura
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Taisho Baseball Girls Full Episode Guide

  • The boys get wind of the secret behind Akiko's Magic Pitch and begin their steady comeback. With Two Strikes, Two Outs, and bottom of the Ninth Inning, the girls give it their all in a climactic finish!

  • The Okukai prove their mettle as they shutout the elementary school boys in their last practice match before the big game. With much anticipation, the long-awaited rematch with the Boys Baseball team from Azuka Middle School finally begins.

  • The girls begin their two week training camp session to strengthen their body and mind in preparation for their rematch with the boys from Azuka Middle School. Kyouko's mind still remains fixated on Tomoe, will she be able to get her act together?

  • A misplaced picture of a baseball player causes controversy amongst members of the family-owned restaurant.

  • The Kinema International production department hires Koume as stand-in female co-star for their upcoming motion picture to be filmed in the Azabu Juban District.

  • Hanzo, after realizing how much Sen has changed, wonders if she is still needed.  When an invisible enemy attacks, their bond is put to the test, and Hanzo decides she must protect the princess at all costs!

  • The girls are finally ready to begin full practices, but their manager has to go out of town. They begin challenging other team to practice games, but who will agree to give the girls a chance? Will it make them better team players?

  • With a new resolve and Western-style uniforms, the girls throw themselves back into practice. However, they are still 1 player short for a full team and a real practice session. The search is on for one more player and a way to make the pain of physical training tolerable.

  • The girls are down in the mud after losing their first game. With practices suspended from inclement weather and broken spirits, it's up to Koume to rally her teammates back onto the field.

  • The Ouka-kai a.k.a "Cherry Blossom club" square off against Asaka High's Boys Baseball team in a practice game.

  • Homeroom teacher, Anna Curtland, instructs the girls on the fundamentals of baseball as their newly appointed Manager. Akiko and Koume are still five members short of a full roster.

  • Koume Suzukawa is requested to join a first ever All-Japanese Girls Baseball team, at Toho Seika Academy Girls High School. Anything than boys can do, girls can do a kimono!

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