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  • 1967
  • 11 Seasons
  • 8.7  (7,077)

The Carol Burnett Show is a legendary sketch comedy show that aired on CBS from 1967 to 1978. Starring the incomparable Carol Burnett, the show became a pop culture phenomenon that is still beloved to this day. The show's stellar cast also included Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, and Tim Conway, among others. The Ernie Flatt Dancers were a staple of the show and provided memorable musical performances throughout its run.

The Carol Burnett Show was known for its clever and hilarious sketches that ranged from musical numbers to parodies of popular TV shows and movies. Burnett's talent for physical comedy and her impeccable comedic timing made her an instant classic, and the show's format allowed her to showcase her many talents. Whether she was playing funny characters like Eunice or Mrs. Wiggins or singing and dancing her heart out in a musical number, Burnett was always the star of the show.

Vicki Lawrence was another standout star of The Carol Burnett Show. As one of the youngest members of the cast, Lawrence brought a fresh energy to the show that helped it to stay relevant and funny throughout its run. She was a versatile performer who could play a variety of characters, from the bratty Thelma Harper to the endearing, but clueless, Mama.

The Ernie Flatt Dancers were a group of talented dancers who performed on the show throughout its run. They provided the perfect complement to Burnett's musical numbers and brought an extra level of polish and professionalism to the show. Their syncopated moves and colorful costumes added another layer of entertainment to an already stellar show.

One of the reasons The Carol Burnett Show was so successful was its ability to keep viewers on their toes. The show was known for its unpredictable moments and its willingness to take risks. From guest appearances by iconic stars like Lucille Ball, Sammy Davis Jr., and Julie Andrews to hilarious recurring sketches like The Family, the show was always full of surprises.

Another reason for the show's longevity was its ability to appeal to a broad audience. The Carol Burnett Show was a family-friendly show that could be enjoyed by people of all ages. It had something for everyone – music, comedy, and unforgettable characters – and its warmth and charm made it one of the most beloved shows in TV history.

In conclusion, The Carol Burnett Show was a groundbreaking sketch comedy show that starred one of the most talented performers of all time. With a cast of memorable characters, hilarious sketches, and unforgettable musical performances, it was a show that captivated audiences for over a decade. Its influence on TV comedy cannot be overstated, and its legacy continues to inspire generations of performers. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to the show, there is no denying the magic of The Carol Burnett Show.

The Carol Burnett Show is a series that is currently running and has 11 seasons (281 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 1967.

The Carol Burnett Show
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A Special Evening with Carol Burnett
24. A Special Evening with Carol Burnett
March 29, 1978
Clips from prior shows; a question-and-answer session involving the cast; new sketches where Mr. Tudball is moving his office but does not give Mrs. Wiggins the new address; in "The Family" Eunice and Mama see a psychiatrist; a surprise cameo by Jimmy Stewart; and the Charwoman closes up shop for the last time.
with Steve Lawrence and Bernadette Peters
23. with Steve Lawrence and Bernadette Peters
March 19, 1978
A pantomime about a doughboy saying goodbye to his sweetheart; musical performances from guests Steve Lawrence ("Weekend in New England", "Here's That Rainy Day") and Bernadette Peters ("Jump Shout Boogie"; and for the close, a salute to composer Cole Porter.
with James Garner, George Carlin, and Ken Berry
22. with James Garner, George Carlin, and Ken Berry
March 12, 1978
A doctor about to take a trip to Hawaii gets a going-away gift from his patients, but their neuroses ruin the festivities; guest George Carlin spoofs record offer advertisements; a recurring series of sketches of a construction worker seeking several ways to try to get rid of his wife; Ken and Vicki perform "My Cutie's Due at Two-to-Two Today" with the dancers; a dentist wreaks revenge on her ex-husband who's her patient; and for the close, a musical finale about two penniless bums.
with Betty White and Steve Martin
21. with Betty White and Steve Martin
March 5, 1978
an installment of "As the Stomach Turns" with a close encounter of a different kind; guest Steve Martin attempts to perform a comic act for dogs; a deranged bag lady (Carol) gets an older middle-class man (Tim) into trouble; Mama and Eunice visit Ellen (guest Betty White) and wreak havoc there in another "Family" sketch; and a "Late, Late Movie" presentation of "Beach Blanket Boo-Boo" (a spoof of 1960's "Beach Party" movies with Steve in the Frankie Avalon role and Carol as Annette Funicello).
with Steve Lawrence
20. with Steve Lawrence
February 26, 1978
A couple, thinking the plane they're in is in danger of crashing, own up to marital infidelities; a Broadway star fears she will be recognized in a greasy spoon; guest Steve Lawrence sings "Isn't She Lovely"; and Mr. Tudball takes a call from Mrs. Wiggins' car repairman, thinking it's her doctor.
with Ken Berry
19. with Ken Berry
February 19, 1978
A salute to Warner Bros., with parodies of such films as "Mr. Skeffington" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy"; a woman can't get an immigrant store clerk to understand she needs an antidote for a poison; Indians trap two Revolutionary War soldiers in a log cabin; Carol sings "The Shortest Love Song", and duets with Ken on "The Singles Bar".
with Natalie Cole and Ken Berry
18. with Natalie Cole and Ken Berry
February 5, 1978
Guests Ken Berry and Natalie Cole appear in vignettes about television's influence on viewers; a pantomimed tiff between a married couple; and a salute to the "mean and evil ladies" of popular songs. Musical performances from guest Natalie Cole ("Our Love"), Ken Berry ("Savin' the Best for You"), and the cast gets together for "Tall People".
with Steve Lawrence and Captain and Tennille
17. with Steve Lawrence and Captain and Tennille
January 29, 1978
A reunion between a long-separated brother and sister; spoofs of current TV commercials; and a voiceover-based sketch about the real thoughts about a boss and his secretary during an after-hours session. Musical performances from guests Steve Lawrence ("By Myself") and The Captain & Tennille ("Gentle Stranger").
with Eydie Gorme
16. with Eydie Gorme
January 22, 1978
Carol and Tim mime changes in characters as they are developed by an author; a vice-president of sales demonstrates a new safety lid for medicine bottles; a park sketch about an old woman and invalid; guest Eydie Gorme sings "Come In from the Rain"; and for the close, a salute to the Big Band era.
with Ken Berry and Roddy McDowall
15. with Ken Berry and Roddy McDowall
January 8, 1978
Eunice's brother Phillip, a world-renowned writer, stays over with "The Family" while in town; a silent sketch involving a championship pool game from 1908 between two players; and "High Hat", a spoof of 1930's Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musicals.
with Steve Lawrence
14. with Steve Lawrence
January 1, 1978
A World War II spy caper; a robber has trouble communicating his demands to a Romanian-speaking storekeeper; Steve sings "We're All Alone", Carol performs "You Light Up My Life", and Carol, Steve and Vicki perform a medley of hit songs from the past 11 years.
with Helen Reddy and Ken Berry
13. with Helen Reddy and Ken Berry
December 18, 1977
Mr. Tudball and Mrs. Wiggins enjoy a champagne-laden Christmas Eve; guest Helen Reddy sings "Blue"; a water department inspector causes a married couple to feud; Ken Berry and the dancers perform "Song and Dance Man"; and a "Persons Weekly" magazine sketch.
with Rock Hudson
12. with Rock Hudson
December 11, 1977
Guest Rock Hudson plays a smooth operator attempting to pick up a sexpot in a bar; a television crew fine-tunes the microphones during a news announcement; Carol and Rock play a slovenly couple who sing "What Do the Simple Folks Do?"; Eunice and Mickey try to coax Mama out of her house and into a retirement home in "The Family"; and for the finale, the cast sings and dances to "Ragging the Scale".
with Bernadette Peters
11. with Bernadette Peters
December 3, 1977
Guest Bernadette Peters sings "You Never Done It Like That"; Mr. Tudball nudges Mrs. Wiggins to clean up her desk before a prospective client arrives; an office girl introduces her two best friends to one another during a lunch; a series of skits about doctors advertising on TV; Carol and Dick pantomime a candlelight dinner where they can't open the wine bottle; and a salute to Betty Comden and Adolph Green.
Family Show
10. Family Show
November 26, 1977
A salute to MGM, with spoofs of such films as "Boys Town", "Gigi", "Singin' in the Rain" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"; a follow-up to a series of sketches about a construction worker seeking to do in his wife; and more kitchen commercials. Miss Burnett performs "Blue Moon" and "Better Luck Next Time".
with Ben Vereen
9. with Ben Vereen
November 19, 1977
Spoofs of the most unforgettable television commercials of the year; Mrs. Wiggins goes to Hawaii for a convention with Mr. and Mrs. Tudball; a divorced couple get together to reminisce about the bad old days; and Tim Conway and Dick Van Dyke play legendary baseball hall-of-fame players from the turn of the century. In the musical finale, Miss Burnett, Dick Van Dyke, and Ben Vereen sing songs of "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow".
with Dick Van Dyke
8. with Dick Van Dyke
November 12, 1977
Invisible dogs attend obedience class; Carol and Dick play mirror image clowns in the musical number "It All Depends on You"; an insurance agent tries to sell a malpractice policy to a doctor; two uglies turn beautiful in "Enchanted Hovel", a spoof of the 1945 film "The Enchanted Cottage"; and for the finale, a musical salute to comic strips.
Family Show
7. Family Show
November 5, 1977
"The Family" gets into a tiff over a word game; Dick performs a medley of love songs, and appears as a TV announcer who is forced to fill in for the entire late movie; and Carol and Vicki sing "At the Ballet".
with Ken Berry and Dick Van Dyke
6. with Ken Berry and Dick Van Dyke
October 29, 1977
Mr. Tudball tries to paint the office with the help of his secretary Mrs. Wiggins; Ken Berry sings and dances to "Girls" and "Emily"; Dick Van Dyke plays an inept pianist; movie spoof "Stolen Serenade".
Family Show with Dick Van Dyke
5. Family Show with Dick Van Dyke
October 22, 1977
In a skit with no dialogue, a peeping Tom looks into a motel room; full-service vs. self-service gas station; a customer has a hard time with the electric company; foot musicians bare their soles; two circus acrobat couples with cheating hearts plan their exit strategies between turns on the trapeze; and for the finale, a musical salute to celebrity gossip magazines.
with Nancy Dussault
4. with Nancy Dussault
October 15, 1977
Mama drops in on a newly-divorced Eunice in "The Family"; Mr. Tudball offers to pay for the funeral of Mrs. Wiggins' deceased canary and then regrets it; a calvary officer and an Indian write a peace treaty that ends up anything but peaceful; and guest Nancy Dussault sings "And I Love You So", and joins Carol in a finale of tunes popularized by Ethel Merman and Mary Martin.
Family Show
3. Family Show
October 8, 1977
The wife of a busy company man takes drastic action in order to get his attention; Carol and Vicki sing "They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore"; a loser in life relates 26 years of woe to a total stranger; a favorite uncle gets an airport farewell; a steelworker gets ideas from the local newspaper on how to "accidentally" do in his wife; Dick and the dancers perform "Once in Love with Amy".
with Steve Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke
2. with Steve Lawrence and Dick Van Dyke
October 1, 1977
Tim plays beer-swilling private eye "Danny Draft", who has trouble believing a woman's claim that someone is out to murder her; guest Steve Lawrence sings "Every Time I Sing a Love Song", duets with Dick on "I Could Never Really Sing", and participates in skits about star holdouts on TV series; and a "Late, Late Movie" presentation of "Fran Sancisco" (a spoof of the 1936 film "San Francisco").
with Jim Nabors
1. with Jim Nabors
September 24, 1977
Guest Jim Nabors sings "After the Lovin'", and he and Carol play a married country music singing duo announcing their impending divorce; new regular Dick Van Dyke plays Ed's old Army buddy in "The Family"; Dick and Tim do a pantomime as two bumbling workmen installing a plate-glass window in a boutique; and for the finale, a spoof of TV all-star specials.
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    September 11, 1967
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