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  • 2012
  • 3 Seasons

The Dead Files Revisited from Travel Channel is a paranormal television series that first premiered in 2012. The show follows a retired NYPD homicide detective, Steve DiSchiavi, and a medium named Amy Allan as they investigate hauntings and supernatural phenomena across the United States.

In each episode, Steve and Amy visit a location that is said to be haunted or have paranormal activity. Steve conducts a thorough investigation of the property's history, talking to witnesses and experts to uncover any potential explanations for the strange happenings. Meanwhile, Amy walks through the location and attunes herself to any paranormal activity present. She then documents her findings and shares them with Steve.

What sets The Dead Files Revisited apart from other paranormal investigation shows is that it explores both the physical and supernatural aspects of a haunting. Steve's investigation might reveal a history of tragic events, while Amy's readings might point to paranormal activity that corresponds to the events Steve uncovered. The end result is a more comprehensive understanding of what is happening at the location in question.

After the initial investigation, Steve and Amy share their findings with the property owners and present them with solutions for addressing the paranormal activity. In some cases, this might involve conducting a cleansing ritual or removing certain objects from the property. In other cases, the owners might simply have to accept that the paranormal activity won't go away.

The Dead Files Revisited takes things a step further by revisiting locations that were featured in the show's earlier seasons. In these episodes, Steve and Amy revisit these locations to check in on the owners and see how things have changed since their initial investigation. They might also conduct a follow-up investigation to see if the paranormal activity has changed or intensified.

The Dead Files Revisited's strength lies in its authenticity. Steve DiSchiavi's background in law enforcement brings a level of groundedness to the investigations while Amy Allan's insights often provide a unique perspective on what's happening at a location. The show takes a measured approach to its investigations, never jumping to conclusions or making broad claims. Instead, it allows the physical and supernatural evidence to speak for itself.

The show's production values are also a standout. The recreations of historical events that Steve uncovers add depth to each episode, while the use of infrared and night vision footage during Amy's walkthroughs creates a sense of tension and unease.

While The Dead Files Revisited certainly plays up the supernatural elements of its investigations, there is an earnestness to the show that prevents it from feeling exploitative or sensational. Steve and Amy treat each investigation with respect and kindness, recognizing that the property owners are often struggling with something that can be frightening and traumatic.

Overall, The Dead Files Revisited from Travel Channel is a well-produced and fascinating look into the paranormal world. With its mix of historical investigation and supernatural insight, the show provides a unique approach to understanding the unexplained. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, The Dead Files Revisited is sure to entertain and intrigue.

The Dead Files Revisited is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on August 24, 2012.

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Ghosts of Deadwood, Smothered
9. Ghosts of Deadwood, Smothered
January 2, 2016
Steve and Amy re-open a previous case of paranormal activity at a historic hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. They also revisit a traumatized family's home in Delmont, Pennsylvania.
Afflicted and Torn Apart
8. Afflicted and Torn Apart
December 19, 2015
Shocking paranormal events at the homes of an upset mom and a disturbed family.
Episode 7
7. Episode 7
December 12, 2015
Steve and Amy reopen investigations of activity in Oregon and Illinois.
The Dark One and Deranged
6. The Dark One and Deranged
December 5, 2015
Steve and Amy share fresh information about cases in New York and Texas.
Eternal Hatred and Intolerance
5. Eternal Hatred and Intolerance
November 28, 2015
Steve and Amy look into a case of supposed paranormal activity at a house in Chester Springs, PA, where a couple have gone to great efforts to keep their family safe from demonic beings. Later, a hotel owner in Warsaw, Indiana, is determined to protect his guests and staff from spiteful paranormal activity.
Feeding Grounds and the Aftermath
4. Feeding Grounds and the Aftermath
November 21, 2015
Disturbing supernatural activity at a Bed and Breakfast in Oregon and a frightened family's house in Florida.
Satan's Revenge and Double Jeopardy
3. Satan's Revenge and Double Jeopardy
November 14, 2015
Startling cases in Leslie, Michigan; a momentous lodging place in Santa Paula, California; conferences and never viewed film.
Demon War and Assaulted
2. Demon War and Assaulted
November 7, 2015
Featuring never-before-seen footage, Steve and Amy give new information about shocking investigations at homes in Toledo, Ohio, and Hanover, Pennsylvania.
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  • Premiere Date
    August 24, 2012