The Revolution

The Revolution is a reality show combined with a health makeover. The host is the famously fashionable and meticulous Tim Gunn from Project Runway. Tim is joined by fitness trainer Harley Pasternak, designer Ty Pennington, therapist/relationship expert Dr. Tiffanie Davis, and medical consultant Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Together they take women on a path of self-revolution.

Most of the women the show features are very overweight and unhappy in their position in life. While being thing is not the key to happiness, being a healthy weight does often positively impacts a person's health so a diet and exercise regime are part of the majority of the revolutions. The diets are tailored to the client but are chuck full of sound advice for the viewer as well. The fitness routines are intended to compliment the diet in the weight loss process and it is a key lesson that diet and exercise go hand in hand.

Each woman is given the opportunity to reinvent herself with the guidance of Tim for fashion and Dr. Davis for social or personal enlightenment. Tim Gunn works with the woman to bring them into the style that best suits them, their place in life, and their true personality. It is the woman's job to follow the plan but Tim puts them on the path. Dr. Davis works with the women to make a plan to realize their best self. Each woman's situation is unique but issues of inadequacy, shyness, and anxiety are very common and often the root of stress eating. Dr. Davis offers suggestions on how to overcome these stresses.

Ty Pennington, made famous by Trading Spaces, is in charge of the design and redesign for each of the woman's homes. The visual changes made by Ty mirror the physical and psychological changes the others are working on.

The Revolutions takes time as it includes a weight-loss and exercise plan, however each episode is a timeline of the Revolution. The episode focuses on the guidance from the hosts and how makeover and design changes look, then, follow up visits and finally a concluding meeting to show the results of the revolution. The women put in the work but they have a team to help them succeed.

Wednesdays on History Channel
1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 4, 2007
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Jennifer Ashton, Tiffanie Davis Henry, Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak
The Revolution

The Revolution Full Episode Guide

  • George Washington becomes the nation's first president. His accomplishments are assessed.

  • Selected as the first president of the United States, George Washington journeys from his home in Virginia to New York City for his inauguration.

  • The Revolution ends when the Treaty of Paris is signed in 1783. Also featured in this episode is the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

  • Yorktown, the final major battle of the Revolutionary War, is recounted.

  • The war in the southern colonies continues with the British winning battles but slowly losing the war.

  • The British change strategies and decide to move the war into the South in hopes of splitting the colonies in two.

  • Chronicled in this episode is the treachery of one of the Continental Army's best field generals--Benedict Arnold.

  • The winter of 1777-78 which the Continental Army spent at Valley Forge under harsh conditions but were molded into a fighting force.

  • The battles of Brandywine and Saratoga are examined as well as Benjamin Franklin's attempts to forge an alliance with France and get them to enter the war against the British.

  • Washington's leadership and the many problems facing the Continental cause are examined in this episode.

  • The 1776 decision of the Continental Congress to declare the American colonies independent from Great Britain is among the topics covered in this episode.

  • George Washington is appointed commander-in-chief of the Continental Army as serious fighting begins around Boston including the Battle of Bunker Hill.

  • Boston was the cradle of the American Revolution. Chronicled in this episode are events such as the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party which led up to the Revolution itself.

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