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Ric will entertain and educate you about personal finance, covering investments, retirement, paying for college, handling mortgages, supporting aging parents and much more. Ric's financial savvy will engage you both intellectually and emotionally, and provide you with the practical information you need to achieve financial success.

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3 Seasons, 78 Episodes
January 1, 2011
Cast: Ric Edelman, Jean Edelman
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The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman Full Episode Guide

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman shares tips on how to improve your credit score; explains how to stand out from the college graduate crowd when getting your professional start; and Jean Edelman gives her insights on finding the perfect job.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman reveals how tax code changes will impact itemized deductions; explains the importance of goals in order to successfully save; explores a sci-fi medical gadget is on the verge of becoming reality; and Jean Edelman shares how to put yourself at ease with change.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman discusses precious metals as part of a portfolio; interviews Ramez Naam about the energy revolution and investment opportunities; and Jean Edelman explains the importance of tuning in to your "inner voice."

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman reveals how changes to the tax law impact your charitable giving; provides dollars-and-sense advice on whether it's better to buy one stock or an index fund; and Jean Edelman tells us how to eat an elephant.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman reveals the best way to pay for your children's college tuition; answers the question if it's ok to walk away from an underwater mortgage; explores how to keep autonomous machines from attacking humans physically and financially; and Jean Edelman discusses focusing on what you can control in life.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman explains the economic realities of a college education if you haven't saved for it; interviews Scott Hubbard about investing in the future of space exploration; and Jean Edelman shows us the benefits of doing the right thing.

  • Financial Planner Ric Edelman reveals how to set up a retirement plan if you're self-employed; explains the best thing to do with a 401(k) from a former employer; explores what the future looks like once we run out of oil; and Jean Edelman discusses the beginner's mind and being open to new experiences.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman reveals the key to getting young adults to think about retirement; explains how to know if you're saving enough money; and interviews Kathryn Myronuk about convergence and what it has to do with technology and economics.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman explains what to do if you've had a late start on saving; advises what to do with money leftover at the end of each month; and Jean Edelman shares how to live a balanced life.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman answers the question if it's a good idea to dip into your retirement nest egg to buy your dream home; interviews Rob Nail about how Moore's Law will impact humanity's future; and Jean Edelman explores the power of words.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman discusses the pros and cons of investing in real estate; provides a recent college graduate important steps to take now to build her financial future; interviews Dr. Daniel Kraft about medical breakthrough technologies; and Jean Edelman talks about moral courage.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman looks at investing today into tomorrow's energy resources; advises on how to save for tomorrow while living in the present; and Jean Edelman provides tips on balancing your schedule.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman teaches a college student how to understand the value of her degree; explores whether there's big bucks in tiny technology; and Jean Edelman shares her perspective on "catching the wave."

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman offers advice to a man unable to save even though he's working three jobs. Save for your kids' college education or save for your retirement ... which is more important? Ric interviews Neil Jacobstein about artificial intelligence and robots; and Jean Edelman explains the impact of too much clutter.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman explores if green energy could mean more green in your bank account; talks with Dr. Daniel Kraft about technology and evidence-based healthcare; explains that if you can retire at 45 it doesn't necessarily mean you should; and Jean Edelman shares her perspective on what money is.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman discusses which type of investment is appropriate for you; explains when to start saving for a house vs. when to buy; interviews Salim Ismail about why investors need to think globally about technology breakthroughs; and Jean Edelman shows us how change is good.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman teaches a dad about the high cost of higher education; explores the cyber-securing of your financial information, and Jean Edelman explains the importance of clear communication.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman tackles the question whether it's better to own a home free and clear or to get a big, long mortgage. Plus, a team of scientists believes Chicken Little may have been right, the sky really is falling! Jean Edelman shares her insights on moving forward in the face of adversity.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman reveals who really benefits from Roth IRA conversions; surprises an audience member with a mortgage refinancing recommendation; interviews astronaut Dan Barry about the growing role of robots in the future; and Jean Edelman shares the power of a smile.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman advises a woman who uses her debit card for everything and is concerned about building her credit history; talks with Avi Reichental, a leading developer in 3D printing, about 4D (and even 5D) printing and when we can expect it; and Jean Edelman explains the importance of patience.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman helps a dad understand what is more important - saving for his child's college fund or his own retirement; advises the best way to invest a bucketful of cash from a home sale; interviews astronaut Dan Barry about human space colonies; and Jean Edelman explains the benefits of a good mental workout.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman joins the Army for a limited tour of duty to help train our troops financially; interviews scientist and entrepreneur Raymond McCauley about strength in numbers with crowdfunding; and Jean Edelman looks at facing our fears.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman adjusts a young investor's expectations who thinks investing in stocks should be exciting; advises an audience member on how her "friend" can get back on the right financial path; speaks with Brad Templeton of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on how to protect private information in a world that's becoming more and more wired.

  • Ric Edelman offers advice to a homeowner who is underwater on her mortgage; provides financial basic training to troops at Fort Belvoir; interviews Avi Reichental, an expert in 3D printing, about how consumers and investors can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology; and Jean Edelman shows us that while money can't buy happiness, finding joy in the little things can be priceless.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman answers a vital viewer question on how to protect against inflation. Ric also talks with astronaut Dan Barry about ways to invest in the final frontier, and Jean Edelman explains how a little humor can go a long way.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman reveals why most economists are idiots, discusses the continuing issues of racism in the world of business with restaurateur B. Smith, and visits with a business owner to learn how she managed to keep her company growing through a recession.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman investigates the balance between risk and reward hundreds of feet above the ground, answers a question about the safety of foreign bonds, and takes a look at the world of digital media with Variety Inc. president Neil Stiles.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman launches into a conversation with a rocket scientist about the economics of mining on the moon, and provides down-to-earth advice on owning a racehorse, banking cash reserves and doing your own estate planning.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman checks out young entrepreneurs at one of Silicon Valley's hot startups, gleans insights from top restaurateurs, and advises a caller about the dangers of a sudden financial windfall.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman breaks down what it will cost to bottle your own wine, answers a question about financial pitfalls for young adults, and joins forces with Elmo from Sesame Street to teach kids about money.

  • determine if retirement money should be invested in collectibles, dishes with Variety Inc. president Neil Stiles about the behind-the-scenes tales of show business, and delves into the funnier, financial side of dating.

  • Investment advisor Ric Edelman looks at the surprisingly reasonable price of a nanny, chats with baseball player Ken Kendricks about the reality of playing in the majors, and answers a variety of questions about personal finance.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman explores the importance of professional guidance with a shark-fishing captain, and visits TV's Pawn Stars Rick, Corey and "The Old Man."

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman explains how you can take an exotic sports car for a drive without being taken to the cleaners, interviews legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum, and dissects how to evaluate a financial advisor.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman uncorks the risks of investing in fine wine, talks with top financial advisors about fixed annuities, and sits down with Professor Jeremy Siegel of the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business to discuss the past 200 years of stock prices.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman explores the pitfalls of buying a vacation home and tells how to locate lost stock price information from a previous employer.

  • Ric Edelman answers financial questions about how to help your child establish a good credit rating, paying off student loans without going broke, and how to pick an investment advisor. Plus, actor/playwright Chazz Palminteri joins Ric and discusses growing up in the Bronx and what it took to make it to the top.

  • Ric Edelman interviews Phil Rosenthal, the writer and producer of "Everybody Loves Raymond," about the tricks of prospering in the tough world of television. Ric also gives a surprising answer to an audience question about the value of big mortgages, and a panel of advisors warns about the biggest investment rip-offs.

  • Sailing off into the sunset could mean a very expensive retirement...Ric Edelman explains why; Who really needs life insurance? And an interview with Kathy Ireland - how she went from being a super model to a super mogul.

  • Ric Edelman looks at how buying into a vacation resort can turn a dream into a nightmare; the biggest dangers in investing today; Deborah Norville explains how scientists are finding that a sense of gratitude can change your life.

  • Financial planner Ric Edelman discusses the determination needed to make your dreams come true - from the costs to purchase and maintain that dream yacht to the reality of owning your own restaurant and quizzes his audience about the most common reason for financial failure.

  • Ric Edelman looks at the growing practice of pre-planning and pre-purchasing your own funeral, comedian Erin Jackson reveals the downside of being a landlord, and fitness expert Denise Austin talks to Ric about the relationship between health and wealth.

  • Join financial advisor Ric Edelman as he explains how the risk and reward of golf's famed 17th hole at Sawgrass can be like the risk and reward of investing, at what age kids should be taught about money, and talks to BET founder Bob Johnson about the hard lessons of his upbringing.

  • Ric Edelman interviews Barbara Corcoran, one of the judges on the popular TV show "Shark Tank" on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, looks at why people spend thousands of dollars on a portrait and advises a woman from Chicago on how to remain positive in the face of so much bad economic news.

  • Ric Edelman and his team explore the financial reality behind Broadway's bright lights and comedian Shahyrar takes a humorous look at when to have kids. Also, Ric interviews former "Biggest Loser" trainer, Jillian Michaels, on the right advice to take and the wrong advice to avoid when building your business.

  • In this episode...a panel of advisors offer their single best investment ideas, CNN Chief Business Correspondent Ali Velshi joins Ric to discuss how to maintain investments in a volatile marketplace, plus much more!

  • Join Ric Edelman as he shows what $15 million will buy you in today's housing market, explains the effect of ordinary inflation on your investments and interviews Mort Zuckerman, real estate investor and editor of the NY Daily News and US News & World Report.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman looks at the business end of showbiz, explains how to raise money-savvy kids and interviews Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine. In addition, Ric is joined by the bluegrass group "The Percolators" in a look at the role economic hard times have played throughout U.S. history.

  • Ric Edelman investigates the rewards - and the costs - of buying a "supercar" and explains how Roman legions gave us the word "salary." Ric also interviews Don Blandin, President and CEO of the Investor Protection Trust about how to avoid frauds and con artists in the investment world.

  • Ric Edelman explores how the costs of flying in a private jet apply to everyday situations like leasing a new car. Ric also gives advice about 401(k)s and speaks with fitness guru Denise Austin about the discipline needed to achieve financial fitness.

  • Financial advisor Ric Edelman reveals how a destination wedding can actually save money, discusses the dangers of investing in gold and explores the increasing economic inequality between black and white America with BET founder and entrepreneur Bob Johnson.

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