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The Week the Women Went is like Wife Swap to the extreme. Except the wives go away but no one comes to replace them. The premise behind this show is to see how a southern town would survive with no women. Any woman over the age of 18 packed up her bags and took the train out of town.

How will the men survive with out their women. Early on you see that most of these men have not spend extended amounts of time with their children. Most of the men are having a hard time accomplishing the basics of what their wives do on a day to day basis. Some decide to pair up and take care of their children together, others stick it out alone. One man is given the responsibility of taking care of his girlfriends children, one of them being a teenage girl.

The men figure out rather quickly just how hard it is to survive with out the women. Many get frustrated by the whole circumstance, and some are given the responsibilities like to plan a beauty pageant or a brunch. Some of them start to figure out that if they work together it might be easier for them all.

The women on the other hand, have been taken off to a beautiful resort where they can kick their feet back. A lot of them are having problems with not being with their families. Most of them have never had a day off of being a wife and a mother. And of course anytime you get a group of women together there is arguing.

Overall this show is a social experiment that displays what would happen if the women just went away. However it also show, how women get by with out their normal duties. It's fascinating to see the world at a tilt, and The Week the Women Went provides that.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Lifetime
1 Season, 5 Episodes
August 14, 2012
Cast: Art Hindle, Jim Byrnes, Christine Barrett, Daniel Barrett
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The Week the Women Went Full Episode Guide

  • The first season closes with the ladies returning to town to find out how everyone survived while they were away.

  • The men get their daughters ready for a pageant. At the women's camp, a domineering mother confronts her son's fiancĂ©e.

  • The men renovate the town's train station and receive assistance rom members of a nearby village who are rumored to be involved in voodoo and animal sacrifices.

  • The men are challenged with hosting a tea party for 60 socialites from nearby towns; a marine plans a birthday party for his girlfriend's daughter; a mother becomes overwhelmed and struggles with staying at camp.

  • In the series premiere, all the women in a South Carolina town leave for a week, leaving the men and children to survive on their own.

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