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This docuseries presents the daily routines behind the scenes of the Bronx Zoo in New York City. Filmed over an eight-month period, the series looks at the keepers' chores as they work to keep thousands of animals happy and healthy . The series debuted on the Animal Planet cable network in early 2017.

Animal Planet
3 Seasons, 22 Episodes
February 18, 2017
Cast: Melissa Doyle
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The Zoo Full Episode Guide

  • A behind the scenes look at the Bronx Zoo.

  • Zoo staff face unexpected setbacks weaning a bright sea lion pup off her mother's milk. The bird team steps in to support a rejected curassow chick. And, a squirrel monkey pays a visit to the dentist.

  • A look back at the cutest baby moments from the show. A tiny pygmy marmoset gives birth to an even tinier baby. A Thomson's gazelle needs a helping hand from zoo staff. A newborn snow leopard struggles to walk. And, a little blue penguin becomes a star.

  • Max, a beloved camel, develops a large abscess on the top of his head. An adorable marmot prepares for her first classroom visit as an ambassador animal. And, a peregrine falcon found at the base of skyscraper is bought to the zoo for a health check.

  • Surgery on a silverback gorilla's broken canine reveals a more serious medical issue; love may in the air for two birds of paradise, Glory and Holiday; and dozens of venomous tarantulas keep the staff on their toes.

  • The squirrel monkeys play hard-to-get with the Children's Zoo's keepers. A pair of Komodo dragons meet for the first time, with explosive results. And the Inca terns prepare for their first big flight.

  • The ingenuity of zoo staff is put to the test as they devise a treatment for a newborn snow leopard cub struggling to walk. And a group of surprisingly adorable Rodrigues fruit bats are trained for a big move.

  • A pregnant African wild dog has the staff anxiously preparing for the big day; zoo director Jim Breheny steps in to help a keeper learn how to handle a golden eagle; a new tree in Jungle World gives the gibbons a new world to explore.

  • The last polar bear in New York City is showing his age, so staff make sure he gets all the attention he needs; a trio of red ruffed lemurs prepare for their big debut; a new exhibit is constructed for the hellbender, a giant amphibian with a bad reputation.

  • Lorises have a tiny window for breeding, so staff anxiously help a potential pair connect. The veterinary team develops groundbreaking techniques to treat the stoic pigeons. An okapi with a limp gets a helping hand.

  • Trust and experience are put to the test when an elephant requires delicate veterinary treatment from her keepers; endangered pink pigeons need all the help they can get to produce offspring; Monty the otter needs to visit the dentist.

  • The brown bears keep tearing up their exhibit, leaving zoo staff scrambling for a solution. Armani the aardvark gets treated for a tooth infection which has dampened her enthusiasm for digging. And, a group of burrowing owls prepare to move.

  • When keepers introduce two tigers as potential mates, the process proves bumpy. A pair of African porcupines arrive at the zoo, requiring delicate handling. And a pregnancy check on a 3,000 pound rhino necessitates some highly specialized equipment.

  • Dave, a kangaroo suffering from chronic arthritis, tries cryotherapy. A large group of rambunctious gharials are trained to patiently wait for their food. And, a tiny pygmy marmoset gives birth to an even tinier baby.

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