T.O.P. Army Fighter

The series T.O.P. Army Fighter shows viewers different competitions to see how is the best fighter. The competitions include hand to hand combat, martial arts, and other fighting techniques. The contestants are divided into different weight classes to see which one is the best.

Military Channel
1 Season, 3 Episodes
April 14, 2008
T.O.P. Army Fighter

T.O.P. Army Fighter Full Episode Guide

  • At 170 pounds the Middleweights battle it out then all those 205 pounds and up throw down in the Heavyweight bracket.

  • At 125 pounds the Army's toughest battle it out then the champion at 140 pounds is crowned.

  • At 185 pounds the cruiserweights settle things, the welterweights see who is the toughest at 155 pounds and in the 205 division the light heavyweights battle it out.