Tornado Intercept

Tornado Intercept is going to take viewers into the eye of the tornado. Storm chaser, Sean Casey is fulfilling a dream and risking his life to capture one of nature's deadliest forces. Casey's potentially deadly collision course is with a tornado and he intends to take filming one step further than any other filming- straight into the vortex.

Casey has designed a pickup truck into a TIV which can reach speeds of 90 mph and is equipped with a 360 degree revolving turret. Meteorologist Dr. Josh Wuman will accompany Casey into this deadly twister, bringing viewers along to get a first ever view from the top to the bottom as they intercept one of Mother Nature's monsters

National Geographic
1 Season, 1 Episode
January 18, 2018
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Mark Keller, Jennifer Casey, Sean C. Casey, Joshua Wurman
Tornado Intercept

Tornado Intercept Full Episode Guide

  • National Geographic takes the dangerous pastime of tornado chasing to a whole new level. Join the crew of the Tornado Intercept Vehicle, which is 8,000 pounds, with armor plating, bullet-proof windows and an IMAX camera. Watch as they drive right into the heart of a tornado to capture what it's really like in the eye of a storm.

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