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  • 2011
  • 1 Season

Turtle Man is a reality television series that first aired on the Discovery Channel. The show revolves around the life of Ernie Brown Jr., a Kentucky native who is also known as the Turtle Man. Ernie is an expert in handling and capturing turtles, as well as other wildlife.

Ernie gained recognition after his homemade videos of capturing turtles went viral online. His unique and unorthodox techniques for catching turtles, which often involves him diving into murky waters and crawling under muddy riverbanks, first caught the attention of locals and later on, people all over the country. His fame went beyond social media, as he was featured in various news articles, and eventually, the Turtle Man show.

The show primarily takes place in Kentucky, where Ernie shares his experiences and knowledge about turtles and the other animals he encounters. Apart from capturing turtles, he also rescues other wildlife such as skunks and snakes. Ernie has a fierce love for animals, and he is known for his eccentric personality and contagious laughter, which makes him a beloved character on the show.

Throughout the series, Ernie receives calls from people who need his help to handle wild animals that have found their way into homes or businesses. Ernie and his team go to great lengths to capture these animals and release them back into the wild, all while documenting their experiences for the show's viewers.

The show also features Ernie's personal life, as he spends time with his family and shares stories from his days before becoming the Turtle Man. The viewers get to learn about Ernie's many adventures and how his life has changed since becoming an internet sensation.

One unique aspect of the show is Ernie's catchphrases, which are now widely recognized by viewers. He often yells, "Live action!" when diving into the water to catch a turtle. He is also known for saying, "I'm the Turtle Man, and I'm in the house!" whenever he enters a new site for animal capture.

In addition to entertaining viewers with his wild adventures, the show is also educational. Ernie shares his extensive knowledge about turtles and other animals, giving viewers a deeper appreciation for the creatures that live in our world. The show also highlights the importance of animal conservation and how human behavior can affect wildlife.

Overall, Turtle Man is an entertaining and educational show that offers viewers a unique look into the world of a seasoned animal handler. Ernie Brown Jr.'s love for animals and his infectious laughter make for an enjoyable viewing experience. Viewers are sure to be entertained by Ernie's wild escapades and may even learn a thing or two about animal behavior and conservation.

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Possum Poltergeist
4. Possum Poltergeist
November 13, 2011
When a local radio host challenges Turtleman to venture deep into the haunted woods of Kentucky and evict a school of venomous reptiles and rabid rodents, he is sent on a wild adventure to protect his Blue Grass name and legend.
Groundhog Day
3. Groundhog Day
November 6, 2011
Turtleman faces his match with a critter that has the perfect defense against his barehanded tactics-the skunk. Barricading himself beneath layers of armor is Turtleman's only chance if he wants to escape the noxious fumes of these trigger-happy skunks.
Dirty Jobs
2. Dirty Jobs
November 6, 2011
A farmer's cows are being attacked when cooling off in the stock pond, emerging with missing utters. All signs lead to a group of snapping turtles, and Ernie is happy to jump on the case. The catch: the pond is overflowing with cow manure and bacteria.
The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond
1. The Turtles of Alcatraz Pond
October 3, 2011
Turtleman receives news that one of his top rescue ponds is scheduled to be bulldozed in a matter of hours. But this isn't just any rescue pond. Nicknamed "Alcatraz," it's where he has released the 12 most ferocious snapping turtles he's ever encountered.
  • Premiere Date
    October 3, 2011