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Unique Eats, a show focused on food and the culinary genius of redcurrant owners and chefs has brought viewers five seasons worth of delightful, delectable, and sometimes, outright strange, eateries that speckle the landscape of the United States. This show, unlike other cooking shows, takes things to the extreme, and focuses their coverage on the more unique findings in the restaurant world. Traditional burger joints, or high-class French cuisine, is replaced with revolutionary ideas on the preparation, cooking and presentation of food.

Each, hour-long episode, of this show is segmented into four sections. Each section features a different eatery in the United States. Each restaurant featured in the episode gives viewers a glimpse into the eateries history, how the owners found their way into the food business, and the restaurants innovative take on fine dining. Some restaurants featured focus on how old classics can become new again with a bit of creativity, while others, focus on completely off-the-wall ideas that have taken hold in neighborhood dining establishments.

The show has featured creative eateries, such as a cereal-exclusive dining bar, or a food space entirely dedicated to the art of grilled cheese. The show focuses on how, with innovation, anything can become new and different. Each episode focuses on a genre of food, or a type of eating establishment, and the host visits dining establishments that fit into that category from coast-to-cost. For example, a recent episode focused on the wonder of fried food, with hosts visiting several restaurants who have made their name in creating crazy concoctions with deep fryers and batters of all types. Another episode, focused on the fine dining found in hotels and bed and breakfasts across the country.

With four featured restaurants per episode, hosts crisscross the nation, ending each episode with information about where to locate the establishments scene during the night's episode.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
6 Seasons, 78 Episodes
May 31, 2010
Cast: Lee Anne Wong, Tamara Reynolds, Amanda Freitag, Ian Knauer
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Unique Eats Full Episode Guide

  • Celebrated chefs like Elizabeth Falkner are moving to Brooklyn to make their NYC debuts. Her pizzeria, Krescendo, has grabbed the entire pizza-crazy city's attention. Court Street Grocers takes on the deli sandwich.

  • Experience authentic global flavors right here in America.

  • Hot lunch spots in San Francisco, NYC and Portland, Oregon.

  • Taste everything on the menu in a small bite.

  • New twists on classic Asian fare in Austin, Brooklyn, and Miami.

  • The reinvention of classic dishes in Miami, Austin, and Surfside, Florida.

  • Getting a taste of modern Italian food in New York's Little Italy, Philadelphia, Nashville and Venice, California.

  • Visiting food innovators in Austin, NYC, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.

  • Chicago continues to attract hungry foodies from all corners of the country with their innovative restaurants.

  • Finding the best pork dishes in the country.

  • Exploring Atlanta and it's unique eats.

  • Yardbird in Miami offers a taste of the true south with its unique fried chicken and fried green tomatoes. Dinic's in Philadelphia's Reading Terminal features some of the best old school sandwiches to crowds for decades.

  • Featuring restaurants that are thinking outside the box on some of America's beloved comfort foods.

  • Whether it's a donut or a slice of pie, we found the most unique sweets to accessorize your morning cup o' Joe.

  • We bring out the kid in you with places that are sure to satisfy the sweet tooth for all ages.

  • Celebrated chefs like Elizabeth Falkner are moving to Brooklyn to make their NYC debuts. Her pizzeria, Krescendo, has grabbed the entire pizza-crazy city's attention. Court Street Grocers takes on the deli sandwich.

  • Spend 36 hours in Houston with us for a unique culinary tour of the most innovative restaurants. Whether it's big Texas beef plates, or spicy Tex-Mex mash-ups, this is a feast that will have you booking your ticket to the Lone Star State right away.

  • Watch to discover which chefs and which restaurants make Hawaii a true foodie destination. From unique takes on traditional Hawaiian seafood to inventive drinks to keep you cool beachside, it's a palate-pleasing trip through paradise.

  • Everyone knows Vegas for the lights, gambling, and the shows, but if you play your cards right, you can also eat at some of the most interesting, delicious and unique restaurants. We're going on and off the strip to discover those eateries.

  • Go off the beaten path and visit extraordinary eateries that are kept secret to the average tourist.

  • We're visiting hot & spicy spots around the country. From dishes that will set your mouth on fire, to plates with just enough heat to make your eyes water, find out why people keep coming back for more.

  • We're celebrating the best of all worlds with restaurants that mix different ethnic traditions to create new and unique flavors.

  • We travel across the country to taste our way across the globe.

  • We tour the Big Apple for romantic eateries. Whether it's a first date or a tenth, a budding romance or the finale to a steamy weekend, these are the romantic hot spots to put in your little black book.

  • Unique Eats gets nostalgic for a trip down memory lane as we discover restaurants serving dishes reminiscent of the old days, but with a deliciously modern twist.

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