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If you've never heard of or seen the show, Untold Stories of the E.R., here's your chance to get a heads up on what this show's about. The premise of the program is precisely what the title implies. A reenactment of actual events in Emergency Rooms all across the country.

The episodes involve actors portraying patients and hospital staff that recreate actual events that occur in the E.R. Most episodes begin with unusual, hard to diagnose symptoms or freak accidents that baffle the hospital staff.

Once the episode begins, the narrator and commentary from those at the original scene give the account of how the event unfolded and clues as to where the story will go. Oftentimes, the outcome is a surprise. The nurses, doctors, paramedics, and other medical staff provide personal accounts of each incident as well as the patients and their families.

The show usually consists of two separate events and follows each from the time they enter the E.R. until they leave and for some, provides follow up information as to their condition once leaving. The diagnosis in many instances is a complete surprise to staff as well as the audience. The progression from admissions to discharge may be condensed into a one hour episode but the patients portrayed on this program are not diagnosed in this time frame.

This show provides an inside look at the sometimes chaotic situations that the E.R. has to deal with on a surprisingly regular basis. While many of the episodes revolve around interesting patients with strange problems, some involve serious cases that give a glimpse into the unexpected tragedies people face everyday.

The show not only dramatizes medical emergencies from start to finish but also gives real accounts by the medical staff about how they handle each case and what they do to maintain themselves to prepare them for this very demanding job.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on TLC
12 Seasons, 149 Episodes
April 26, 2004
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Jenne Kang, Linda America, Roy Vongtama, Lucy Doty
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Untold Stories of the E.R. Full Episode Guide

  • A circus sword-swallower experiences a persistent case of hiccups; a mom and daughter strangely collapse in the ER; a lady loses control of her legs during her daughter's graduation.

  • Doctors operate a robot to treat a seizing 7-year-old child; a chef's tongue is swelling; a lady who crashed her vehicle insists her injured dog be treated first.

  • A young gal is mysteriously paralyzed from the middle down; a young guy gripes of a splitting headache; a bride-to-be gets appendicitis on her wedding day.

  • A patient suddenly begins seizing; an ER doctor is at a restaurant when she is tossed into an emergency situation to save a child; a pregnant lady's heart is racing.

  • A young boy at a sleepover party strangely loses control over his arms and legs; a lady is shot in the leg at her own bachelorette bash; bubbles in a woman's arteries are generating a stroke.

  • A man is impaled in his abdomen by a stiletto heel; a seemingly healthy outdoorsman has a series of seizures that baffle his doctors; two patients make their doctor suspicious when they both complain about identical headaches that started during sex.

  • An ER doctor's friend arrives at the hospital combative and out of control; a cyclist's throat is torn open when a driver opens a car door in her path; a nursing student is found passed out on the hospital floor.

  • A man with a slashed wrist has a startling secret; a woman gives birth unexpectedly, shocking the ER staff; a surgeon requires urgent treatment after falling off a bed while trying to help his patient.

  • A woman believes her neighbors want to kill her; a man is near death after an arrow pierces his chest; two women with swollen abdomens refuse to explain the cause of their pain.

  • When animals attack the results can be painful, poisonous and sometimes deadly.

  • Crimes that were incidentally solved because of doctors' diagnoses of their patients' conditions.

  • An edge-of-your-seat look at doctors faced with extraordinary challenges and young lives hanging in the balance. From life threatening to the light hearted, mysterious to bizarre, hear their outrageous stories, as told through the eyes of the doctors.

  • Pregnant women and their partners undergo unusual birth procedures in extraordinary circumstances.

  • A pregnant woman's leg pain turns out to be a flesh-eating virus, threatening life and limb; a Desert Storm war veteran takes a dare and swallows razor blades.

  • A pregnant woman is shot in the abdomen but refuses some testing and treatment jeopardizing her life and the baby's; a doctor is the victim of a car burglary and thinks her patient may be the culprit; a storm is preventing a patient's life-saving surgery

  • A woman stops eating because she believes she is dead; a runner goes blind in one eye during a marathon and takes a detour to the ER; doctors are baffled by an ER tech's stroke-like symptoms, until someone he loves also becomes ill.

  • A doctor treats three gunshot victims who claim be innocent bystanders but the police want to know who shot who; on his first day on the job, a doctor must perform emergency brain surgery in the ER; a young bride-to-be suddenly slips into a diabetic coma.

  • A man's face and body suddenly double in size; an ER physician races to determine why a young woman is burning up from the inside out after a day at the beach; a grumpy old man nearly dies before revealing an emotional secret.

  • A woman's face-lift goes terribly wrong; a hospital chaplain's sudden personality change baffles the ER staff; a pregnant woman's life-threatening symptoms need urgent treatment but the doctor must convince others of the diagnosis he saw in her eyes.

  • A man injured in a medieval roleplaying battle has a sword impaled in his head; a critically ill patient is so afraid of germs he won't allow doctors to treat him; two patients with the same life-threatening symptoms arrive separately from a fashion show.

  • A pianist's finger is nowhere to be found until his wife comes to the hospital with their dog; a man's pacemaker may actually be detrimental to his health; a nurse's fiance is behaving strangely and requires immediate care.

  • A woman risks losing her finger after trying on an ill-fitting engagement ring; a body builder can't breathe and doctors are shocked to discover why; a doctor takes a break outside and is nearly struck by a car driven by her next patient.

  • A Halloween zombie has trouble below the belt; two unconscious men are involved in an accident, a doctor makes a mistake that amazingly explains a patient's condition.

  • A college student's head is impaled by a trophy deer's antlers; a car crash victim leads the doctor to believe her baby may still be at the accident scene; a nurse's ex-boyfriend brings his new girlfriend to the ER and the nurse must help save her life.

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