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This children's animated series from Japan contains very cute graphics, but it reportedly occurs in the Japanese language. The series was recently extended and it has obtained favorable audience reviews. The central character, Wooser, resembles a big yellow bunny rabbit. He reportedly resides with two twin siblings, Rin, who has primary responsibility for caring for him, and her twin, Ren. They are often visited by another child, Yuu, one of their classmates. Minori Ozawa plays the voice of Rin, Haruka Nagamune plays Ren. Mamoru Miyano portrays the central character, the indolent, but lovable mooch, Wooser. There are several additional characters.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
December 11, 2012
Cast: Mamoru Miyano, Hiroshi Kamiya
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Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life Full Episode Guide

  • The Earth's destruction draws near as the asteroid reaches every closer. The prophecies say the last hope for humanity is for Wooser to unleash his true power, but... Meanwhile, the US Government and NASA ask Wooser for his help, and he demands an astronomical sum of money in exchange. As the people of the world despair... oh wait, it's the last episode!?

  • A murder in a locked room. The only people in the room were Wooser and the victim. The security camera footage shows Wooser yelling "Behold! This is the ultimate time table trick!" as he beats the victim to death with a time table. But for some reason he has an alibi? The detectives search for the true culprit, but...

  • Every night, Wooser is visited by a mysterious girl in his dreams, who says, "Hero, please save my world!" The insomnia makes him very angry, and he leads an undead army into the world of dreams and destroys it. The girl was the Queen of this world. "The shorter the sadness you must endure, the better," Wooser whispers, as he goes back to his hand-to-mouth life.

  • Wooser is kidnapped by an evil organization, which does twisted surgery on him to give him the power of the insects. After gaining the bagworm's inability to move, and the short lifespan of a dragonfly, Wooser becomes the ultimate creature... then dies several days later. Maybe the dragonfly wasn't such a good idea after all.

  • Wooser steals the activation key to the ultimate mech, which took 10 years and trillions of dollars to create, and finds himself a wanted criminal. As he evades Interpol to commit further thefts, what is his goal? And just when it seems he's giving the treasures he's taken to poor children...'

  • Through an almost unreal level of retconning, the show manages to avoid being canceled after the swimsuit episode, but the threat remains. A "bath episode" is proposed as a way to counter this threat. As things get more desperate, tempers will flare and the team will fall apart... is what my horoscope said today.

  • Tonight is the Masked Ball. At the strict Private Wooser Academy, the rules are relaxed just for today, and the boys put on masks and begin a battle royale to win the hearts of the girls they desire. As Wooser advances forward, his arch-enemy Melon Bear appears... but if so, so what?

  • Wooser falls off a cliff in the heat of battle and is saved by a young girl. A brief respite is interrupted by the flames of war, and the girl is shot and killed. A raging Wooser regains the powers sealed along with his memories... or so I once thought.

  • Wooser burns the city to the ground and slays the king of the Oasis. He names himself emperor and begins to invade the surrounding countries, bringing them under his banner, only to find that he left his wallet at home. Without it things are hopeless... But then he puts his secret plan into action... maybe!

  • Wooser and his friends barely escape from the syndicate's pursuit, but they paid a heavy price. Ajipon, we'll never forget you... But as they sorrowfully travel through the desert, they see an oasis! Ajipon's ghost appears before them as they enjoy their vacation... possibly!

  • 20XX, the world is in chaos. In a city ruled by fear and despair and where righteousness is justice, a dark hero emerges. Even if his fists shatter, he probably won't stop punching that wall. Now his lonesome battle with himself begins... maybe. Maybe it won't!

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