You're Wearing That?!?

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  • TV-G
  • 2010
  • 1 Season
  • 5.7  (10)

You're Wearing That?!? is a reality television series that aired on WE tv in 2010. The show was hosted by Luciene Salomone, a fashion expert who acted as a mediator between mothers and daughters in conflict over fashion choices. Each episode followed a different pair of women as they worked through their disagreements and learned to appreciate each other's styles.

The premise of the show was simple but effective: mothers and daughters were brought into a room filled with clothes and accessories, and were given the task of choosing outfits for each other. This led to some tense moments as the women struggled to find common ground, but also to some heartwarming moments as they learned to compromise and appreciate each other's tastes.

Throughout the show, Salomone offered guidance and advice to the women, encouraging them to be open-minded and to communicate effectively. She also provided insight into the latest fashion trends, helping the women to stay stylish and on-trend.

One of the unique aspects of the show was that it focused on intergenerational conflicts over fashion. Many of the mothers and daughters featured on the show had very different ideas of what was appropriate or fashionable, and found it difficult to understand each other's perspectives. By bringing them together and encouraging them to work through their differences, the show aimed to promote better communication and understanding between the generations.

Another interesting aspect of the show was the focus on body positivity. Many of the women featured on the show were self-conscious about their bodies and struggled to find clothes that flattered them. Salomone encouraged them to embrace their bodies and to find outfits that made them feel confident and beautiful. This message of self-love and acceptance was an important part of the show's overall message.

Overall, You're Wearing That?!? was a fun and engaging show that offered a unique take on the reality TV genre. By focusing on fashion and intergenerational conflicts, the show was able to provide both entertaining and thought-provoking content. While it only aired for one season, it remains a beloved show for fans of fashion and reality TV.

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Bolette & Sarah
9. Bolette & Sarah
October 7, 2010
Bolette thinks her daughter Sarah dresses too much like a tomboy while Sarah thinks her mother needs to change up her look.
Siobhan & Elsie
8. Siobhan & Elsie
September 30, 2010
Siobhan's clothing from the 80's scares her daughter. On the flip side, Elsie is mad for plaid.
Jane & Christine
7. Jane & Christine
September 23, 2010
Summary not available
Desiree & Alana
6. Desiree & Alana
September 23, 2010
Desiree thinks her daughter, Alana, needs to dress more appropriately for her age. On the other hand, Alana believes her mom needs to spice her wardrobe up.
Janine & Lilly
5. Janine & Lilly
September 9, 2010
Janine and her daughter, Lilly, have relocated to Southern California from Seattle and need help to look like superstars.
Annie Duke & Maud
4. Annie Duke & Maud
September 2, 2010
Professional poker player Annie Duke and her daughter, Maud, are stuck in a fashion rut and try to explore some new options.
Charlene Tilton & Cherish
3. Charlene Tilton & Cherish
August 26, 2010
Charlene Tilton starred on the hit tv show "Dallas" and believes her daughter needs to change her style. However, her daughter believes her mother is stuck in the 80s.
Lisette & Ashley
2. Lisette & Ashley
August 19, 2010
Lisette disagrees with how her daughter dresses and Ashley is embarrassed by her mother's inappropriate styles.
Christine & Kimberley Locke
1. Christine & Kimberley Locke
August 19, 2010
Kimberly Locke, former American Idol contestant, thinks her mom, Christine, needs a fashion update. Ironic, since Christine thinks Kimberly needs one as well.
  • Premiere Date
    August 19, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    5.7  (10)