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This is a cartoon about a girl who lived on 64 Zoo Lane. Her friends, and the characters on the show, are animals that have names and personalities. This is a show that gives examples of friendship and being nice to each other. There are morals that are talked about at the end of each show, such as sharing.

5 Seasons, 52 Episodes - Canceled
June 4, 2001
Children, Family, Animation & Cartoons
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64 Zoo Lane Full Episode Guide

  • Adam and Annie have a found a treasure trail in the jungle, but the other animals race off to find the treasure first.

  • The animals challenge very noisy Herbert the Warthog to stay silent for a whole day.

  • Harry the Hyena takes his family to a spot by the waterhole for their holiday. What could go wrong?

  • Victor bans all the other animals from using the water hole as he's had enough of all the noise and splashing.

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