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The animated sitcom American Dad focuses on the misadventures of the Smith family, who are not quite your ordinary American household. Consisting of Stan, his wife Francine, and their two kids Steve and Hayley, plus their goldfish-with-a-human-brain Klaus, and Roger, an escaped alien from Area 51, things can be pretty crazy in the Smith home.

Stan, who works for the CIA, is constantly trying to make his family happy while simultaneously proving his intense patriotism, something that he will stop at no ends to show to the rest his beloved country. With Francine by his side, there's no telling what Stan will get himself involved in next, all while Francine tries to keep the peace with her family and make up for her often hinted about wild-child past. This crazy couple is matched in eccentricity only by the rest of their household.

Steve Smith only wants to be popular in school, especially with the girls, and often recruits Roger for help. Seeing as how Roger is still on the run from the government, he's forced to dress up in disguises anytime he wishes to travel out, often requiring him to put on ridiculous costumes and make the most of the situation with hilarious jokes that usually result in embarrassing Steve more than helping him.

While Steve is out trying to woo the ladies at his high school, his sister Hayley spends all of her time trying to protect the planet with her environmentalist views. The polar opposite of Stan, Hayley's passion for peace and eco-friendliness often clash with Stan's views of nothing but patriotism and honor for one's country, making for comedic instances where they just can't understand each other's motivation.

Stan's crazy plans, mixed with the rest of his eclectic family, make for numerous unexpected situations that never fail to bring about comedic results. From the family goldfish's infatuation with Francine, to Stan's many attempts to help his son become a man, it's impossible to know what's going to happen next, making American Dad an excellent parody of the American Dream.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on TBS
11 Seasons, 212 Episodes - Currently Airing
February 6, 2005
Adult Cartoon, Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
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  • Stan plots to get out of a suicide mission by becoming a DJ and taking on Bullock in a DJ Battle; and, when Jeff gains a taste for psychedelic teas, Roger pitches in to make him an imaginary musical instrument.

  • Stan and Steve start bowling for more quality time together; Klaus holds a contest to see whether Roger or Hayley has the worse attention span.

  • Stan takes on a mission to find out who neglected to bring a present to the CIA's Secret Santa party; and good-guy Steve fills in as boyfriend to a number of female classmates.

  • To educate Hayley on history, Stan brings President James A. Garfield back to life from the 1800's; and Steve is hired to write for the school paper.

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