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The animated sitcom American Dad focuses on the misadventures of the Smith family, who are not quite your ordinary American household. Consisting of Stan, his wife Francine, and their two kids Steve and Hayley, plus their goldfish-with-a-human-brain Klaus, and Roger, an escaped alien from Area 51, things can be pretty crazy in the Smith home.

Stan, who works for the CIA, is constantly trying to make his family happy while simultaneously proving his intense patriotism, something that he will stop at no ends to show to the rest his beloved country. With Francine by his side, there's no telling what Stan will get himself involved in next, all while Francine tries to keep the peace with her family and make up for her often hinted about wild-child past. This crazy couple is matched in eccentricity only by the rest of their household.

Steve Smith only wants to be popular in school, especially with the girls, and often recruits Roger for help. Seeing as how Roger is still on the run from the government, he's forced to dress up in disguises anytime he wishes to travel out, often requiring him to put on ridiculous costumes and make the most of the situation with hilarious jokes that usually result in embarrassing Steve more than helping him.

While Steve is out trying to woo the ladies at his high school, his sister Hayley spends all of her time trying to protect the planet with her environmentalist views. The polar opposite of Stan, Hayley's passion for peace and eco-friendliness often clash with Stan's views of nothing but patriotism and honor for one's country, making for comedic instances where they just can't understand each other's motivation.

Stan's crazy plans, mixed with the rest of his eclectic family, make for numerous unexpected situations that never fail to bring about comedic results. From the family goldfish's infatuation with Francine, to Stan's many attempts to help his son become a man, it's impossible to know what's going to happen next, making American Dad an excellent parody of the American Dream.

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10 Seasons, 189 Episodes - Returning Series
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American Dad Full Episode Guide

  • "American Dad" is sold to a Chinese businessman.

  • Jeff finally comes back from space... or does he?

  • Stan is horrified when he sees a couple die in a car crash, and he goes to see a shrink.

  • Francine is nominated for an award for her lonely housewife novel so the family supports her at the ceremony in New York.

American Dad News

'American Dad' Season 8, Episode 15: 'The Missing Kink' Recap

“American Dad”, season 8, episode 15, “The Missing Kink” Francine is less than impressed with her boring sex life, since Stan insists on only the missionary position. She suggests using toys and foods to spice things up, but Stan is against it. The next morning at breakfast, Steve disobeys Stan, who, in turn, spanks him out of punishment. Francine doesn’t approve of spanking the kids, so Stan spanks her to show it doesn’t hurt. Francine loves it. That night, Hayley comes home in tears after 12 failed dates, trying to replace Jeff.

'American Dad' Season 8, Episode 14: 'Spelling Bee My Baby' Recap

“American Dad”, season 8, episode 14, “Spelling Bee My Baby” Steve and Francine pay Toshi and Akiko a visit, hoping to invite them out for some ice cream and a little fun. However, Mrs. Yoshida strictly forbids it, saying they are far too busy with their extracurricular music lessons that will ensure them a placement in college, whereas having “fun” will likely get them wait listed for an online college. Francine finds this insulting. Later, Francine vents to Greg and Terry.

'American Dad' Season 8, Episode 13: 'For Black Eyes Only' Recap

‘American Dad’, season 8, episode 13, ‘For Black Eyes Only’ In a follow-up to the last Tearjerker episode, Agent Smith and Sexpun Tocome-Smith celebrate their honeymoon, but are interrupted by Black Villain who aims to kill Smith, but kills Sexpun instead. A year later in Ireland, B finally tracks down Smith and tells him he has a mission for him. Black Villain has resurfaced and is aiming to conquer the world. In his office, B spares with Ms. Peacenickel when Smith arrives.

'American Dad' Season 8, Episode 12: 'Naked to the Limit, One More Time' Recap

‘American Dad’ - Season 8, Episode 12 - ‘Naked to the Limit, One More Time’ Roger tries to walk into the kitchen when Jeff is in there. Stan tackles him and warns him that Jeff can’t know he’s an alien, because Jeff can’t keep a secret. And if Jeff blabs, then the CIA will kill them all for harboring an alien. He demands that Roger go put on an outfit. Roger returns dressed in an exotic outfit, complete with fruit hat. Stan tells him he needs to tone it down, but Roger says there must be a way he can go around naked around Jeff, and begins to scheme.

'American Dad' Season 8, Episode 11: 'Max Jets' Recap

“American Dad”: season 8, episode 11: “Max Jets” The family goes out to eat, but Stan tries to cut down on costs, being the only one in the family that works. They all agree. Roger changes tracks by saying “Max Jets” is getting released from prison tomorrow. At the prison, Roger sneaks in and reveals himself to be Max Jets the whole time. Back at home, Klaus is annoyed that the family keeps playing along with the Max Jets charade. They point out that he’s loaded, so that makes him more bearable, as he tends to give them loads of money (that he gains by blackmailing Bill Gates).

'American Dad!' Preview: Seth MacFarlane Takes A Jab At 'Bones'

More than any other network, FOX likes a little incestuous ribbing here and there. That goes double on the Sunday-night animation block. Maybe even triple on any show created by Seth MacFarlane. "Family Guy" writers had a brief and legitimate tete-a-tete with "The Simpsons" staff over who could get away with which knock at the other. And when "Family Guy" returned from cancellation, the very first gag on the very first brand-new episode back on the air involved Peter Griffin rattling off every show FOX had developed and quickly cancelled since killing MacFarlane's beloved first-born show.

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