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The story of Jake Long is depicted in present day New York City (the borough of Manhattan). He is a thirteen year old skateboarder with the ability to shape shift into a dragon that can fly, breath fire and also displays a enormous amount of strength. It premiered in 2005 and was discontinued in 2007. Recently Disney XD has begun to show reruns of this series during its action hour. With its reoccurring themes of Chinese history, art and action/adventure this television show was nominated for the Best Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production.

The American Dragon story line was based around Jake Long and his family (some which are unaware of his dragon powers). Jake seeks to live a normal life with his two best friends Trixie and Spud. He really loves skateboarding which is shown in almost every episode of the series. Though he seeks to live a normal life, he can not shake the dragon duties presented onto him. He must save citizens of Manhattan from the Huntsmen, who seek to capture and defeat all of the dragons on the planet. Yet, Jake is not the only one with a secret, his long time crush Rose is also apart of the Huntsmen. So during the day they are friends, and at night they hunt one another. There is also another villain called the Dark Dragon who is much more powerful than all the rest. He is a reoccurring villain that causes Jake plenty of problems, both as a human and as a dragon.

2 Seasons, 51 Episodes - Canceled
January 21, 2005
Children, Animation & Cartoons
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American Dragon: Jake Long Full Episode Guide

  • Lao Shi is kidnapped during a trip to Hong Kong.

  • Haley takes over the position of American Dragon while Jake is stressed out about his middle school graduation.

  • Spud makes a deal with Fury to win over the affection of Stacey.

  • Jakes online Journal makes Rotwood the magical worlds # 1 enemy.

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