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Animal X is an Australian nature series that first started to air in 1997. The series attempts to discover mythical animals that are said to exist in various different locations. This can include such things as the Chupacabra, a goatman, and different kinds of mutated cattle. The series interviews persons who claim to have seen these creatures before and they also attempt to find one in the wild. The series also featured a Big Foot Special, and other episodes where they attempted to track down the elusive beast.

Animal Planet
1 Season, 10 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
Science & Technology
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  • Eyewitnesses describe Big Cats roaming the outback of Australia. Where did they come from or how did they get there? What we do know is that non native felines are now prowling the bush land in some cases attacking people.

  • Those who think of humans as the supreme beings on Earth often overlook the incredible abilities of other species. NMU takes a break from cryptozoology to explore bio-inspiration, looking to nature to engineer solutions to human problems.

  • El Chupacabra is described as a vampire-like creature that drains its victims of blood. It is said to be 3-5 feet tall with a gray body, glowing red eyes, sharp teeth, and three-fingered claw-like hands. Is it real? The NMU team is about to find out.

  • Some people believe that a remnant of the dinosaur era may have continued to evolve into a humanoid being. The Natural Mystery Unit hears first person accounts of glowing red eyes, shiny scales, and lizard men standing 7 feet tall.

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