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Barney Miller is an American TV sitcom based on a fictional New York police captain running a precinct and supervising an array of characters as they deal with a variety of criminal activities. Barney Miller, played by Hal Linden, tries to be the voice of moderation as he copes with a steady stream of offbeat characters that pass through his day. He also deals with a wife who wishes her husband would quit his job and find something much safer to do for a living.

Under his command is Philip Fish, played by Abe Vigoda, an aging and often grumpy police officer facing enforced retirement. Wojo Wojciehowicz, played by Max Gail, is a young officer who views Miller as a mentor. Ron Harris, played by Ron Glass, plays a fashionable sergeant interested in acquiring the finer things in life and developing a writing career. Nick Yemana, played by Jack Soo, handles the office work and always expresses the humor in the situation as he struggles to make decent coffee. Arthur Dietrich, played Steve Landesberg, is the very educated and well-read detective whose body of knowledge is a constant source of irritation to Harris. Frank Luger, played by James Gregory, is Miller's superior and represents an older, out-of-fashion view of law enforcement. He likes to spend his day reminiscing with Miller as the captain tries to do his job. Carl Levitt, played by Ron Carey, is a uniformed officer who wants to be promoted to the plain clothes detective division that makes up most of the cast.

The show deals with a range of crimes from minor infractions to the more serious without showing the violence of these crimes. Most of the shows are staged in the detective squad room or Miller's office. In these locations, the officers question suspects and witnesses as they deal with the victims. The series has tackled such issues as marital rape and criminal behavior mixed with psychiatric problems.

8 Seasons, 171 Episodes - Canceled
January 23, 1975
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  • Old faces stop by the 12th precinct to bid farewell to Barney and the squad. Harris decides to resign instead of being reassigned to Flushing Meadow.

  • Dietrich shuts down a school for criminals and a pair of its students. Inspector Luger decides he doesn't want to get married to Perlita. The 12th precinct is sold to a real estate developer.

  • A buyer is interested in purchasing the 12th precinct after Wojo discovers an ancient weapon hidden away. A South American immigrant requests a return home after being released as a political hostage. An unemployed man is robbed while at an ATM machine.

  • An Indian is arrested after he steals an ancestral bone from a museum exhibit. A Boy Scout master apprehends a mugger. Meanwhile, the 12th precinct's plumbing has once again shut down.

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