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Bleach is a television show based on a manga, or Japanese comic book, of the same name. The show originally aired in Japan before being translated into English and airing in the United States. Encompassing sixteen seasons, Bleach is one of the most popular animes, or Japanese animation shows, available.

Bleach centers around the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo is a teen who can see spirits. One day, he meets a woman names Rukia who is a Soul Reaper. As a Soul Reaper, she guides spirits between the living world and the afterlife. When she meets Ichigo, she is tracking a lost soul, called a Hollow.

Rukia is injured by the Hollow she's tracking. She offers half of her spiritual energy to Ichigo, so that he can continue tracking the Hollow. Things don't go as planned, however, and Ichigo ends up with more energy than either he or Rukia planned. Because of this, Ichigo himself becomes a Soul Reaper. Because Rukia is so weakened by the loss of her energy, Ichigo must take over her role, tracking lost souls and guiding spirits from the living world to the afterlife.

Throughout the rest of the series, Ichigo and Rukia must learn to work together in order to stay safe and protect each other. Rukia attempts to train Ichigo as best she can so that he can successfully perform the duties of a Soul Reaper. Conversely, when Rukia gets in trouble for giving away so much power, Ichigo must find a way to rescue her and keep her out of harm's way.

Ichigo undergoes training with different master Soul Reapers. He learns more about the strange society, between the living and the dead, that he has entered. As time goes on, Ichigo and his friends must face many challenges, including traitors, Hollows and even war. Bleach is an action-packed, exciting show that is sure to captivate both old and new anime fans.

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Bleach Full Episode Guide

  • The battle between Ichigo and Ginjo comes to a close when the latter receives a mortal wound. Just as Ginjo is about to die, Tsukishima tries to kill Ichigo but is stopped by Riruka. Tsukishima is later rescued by Shishigawara while the surviving Xcution members decide to separate. Ichigo later returns to Soul Society and requests that Head Captain Yamamoto let Ginjo's body be buried within the human world as the last thing he can do for him. Yamamoto agrees just as Ichigo accepts to continue being a Substitue Soul Reaper. Rukia see Ichigo off, recalling their time together and silently thanks him. Ichigo smiles and tells Rukia "See ya later" before returning to Karakura Town where he is greeted by his friends and family.

  • Ichigo and Uryu continue their battle with Kugo Ginjo. However, when Kugo senses that Tsukishima is close to dying, he decides to reveal to Ichigo the true meaning behind being a Substitute Soul Reaper.

  • Byakuya starts his battle with Tsukishima, but must contend with the fact that his memories have been affected by Book of the End. Meanwhile Ichigo, Uryu and Rukia continue their fights with Kugo and Riruka respectively.

  • Two monster hunters arrive at an old castle where Franken Ichigo, Succubus Rukia, Vampire Uryu, Pumpkin Orihime, Mummy Renji, Witch Rangiku, and Wolfman Hitsugaya all live as lackluster monsters.

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