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Brunch @ Bobby’s is a cooking show in which the host, chef Bobby Flay, encourages viewers to cook delicious brunch style meals. During each show, Bobby presents a theme, such as a Kentucky Derby inspired brunch or a family picnic brunch. He then decides on the menu, choosing a couple different dishes that involve ingredients or tastes that relate to the theme. Usually, Bobby tries to include both a savory brunch item, such as an egg or sausage dish, as well as a sweet brunch item, such as waffles, yogurt or pancakes with a special sauce or butter. Bobby also presents an idea for a unique brunch cocktail to go with the dishes.

Bobby then begins cooking. During each episode, Bobby details the best and simplest way to make each dish. He gives helpful tips and also offers different options for people who may prefer a different method or who may want to choose a slightly different ingredient. As he makes each item, Bobby also relates anecdotes about his family, friends and what made him create that day’s recipes. By the end of the show, viewers have been given an entire brunch menu that they can now make themselves.

Saturdays at 2:00 pm et/pt on Cooking Channel
6 Seasons, 84 Episodes - Currently Airing
October 16, 2010
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Brunch @ Bobby's Full Episode Guide

  • Chef Bobby Flay has a new twist on comfort food, including Curro French Toast with White Chocolate Orange dipping sauce, Cinnamon Bun Pancakes with Maple-Cream Cheese Glaze, and Bacon-Cheddar Twists with Soft-Cooked Eggs.

  • Bobby is putting together brunch for a crowd including sweet dishes with added savor, such as Stuffed French Toast with Gruyere, Mustard Greens and Double-Smoked Bacon, Ham and Cheese Scones with Roasted Tomatoes, and a Yogurt Bowl with toppings like beets, cucumbers and chickpeas. He tops it all off with his Verde Mary.

  • It's a chocolate lovers brunch feast with Bobby Flay. Including: Chocolate-Drizzled Scones, Stuffed Mexican Hot Chocolate French Toast with Cinnamon Whipped Cream, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Smoothie and a fast and simple recipe for Chocolate-Hazelnut Turnovers.

  • Chef Bobby Flay puts on a special big brunch for the big game. On the menu: Salsa Verde Chicken Burritos; Chicken Cracklings: Scrambled Eggs and Cheese; Green Onion-Spiced Mustard Hash Browns; Brown Butter Bourbon Maple-Glazed Baked Donuts; and a Citrus Infused Beer-Gin Cocktail.

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