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This series has a scientific approach to automobiles.

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1 Season, 10 Episodes - Currently Airing
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  • In this episode, we revisit the craziest and most outrageous Car Science experiments of the season! We will revisit the ultimate car crash, explain the flaming burnout, analyze a car bomb and break down the science behind invisible fire.

  • Fire up a fighter jet engine to see if you can heat a car up until it explodes; busting out the perfect burnout; take a stock mom mobile and see if stripping it down can turn it into a drag racing demon!

  • We examine the art of taking a corner the fastest and most efficiently, we count down the top 5 best muscle cars of all time, we learn how to reverse 360 with stunt guru Rick Seaman and we jump into the world of exotic car interiors.

  • Taking a corner fast and efficiently; the top five muscle cars of all time; stunt man engineers a reverse 360; exotic auto interiors.

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