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The popular television show Dark Shadows delighted viewers when it introduced a new, supernatural element to regular television programming. The show centers around the strange and sometimes frightening Collins family, who live on a large estate called Collinwood in Maine. Victoria Winters, a young woman with a mysterious connection to the Collins family, comes to work at the estate. She is hoping to find out more about the family, as well as discover secrets about her own past.

Victoria soon meets the patriarch of the family, and her boss, Roger Collins, who seems to have murderous intentions. She is also introduced to his son, David Collins. David professes to immediately disliking Victoria, but this does not stop him from telling her tales of the ghosts he claims to see around the estate. Although she finds it difficult to believe, Victoria soon finds that Collinwood does in fact have a supernatural connection. Victoria meets a ghost, and is also introduced to David's mother, who can use magic.

As Victoria begins to unravel her past and the secrets of the Collins family, things become even stranger for the young woman. Soon, a handsome and charming man named Barnabas comes to the estate. He claims to be a distant relative of the Collins family, who has been spending time in England. Although Victoria is enthralled with Barnabas, it is soon clear that he is not really who he claims to be.

Overall, Dark Shadows is a show packed with drama and excitement. The supernatural element adds a scary and intriguing twist, giving it a bit more depth than the average television show.

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12 Seasons, 981 Episodes - Ended
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Dark Shadows (1966) Full Episode Guide

  • This episode was set in Parallel Time 1841, and resolved the triangle of Bramwell/Catherine/Morgan. Bramwell and Catherine survive a night in the locked room at Collinwood, defeating the curse of Brutus Collins, only to find out that Morgan has gone mad from the night he spent there. Morgan kidnaps Catherine because he knows she is going to have Bramwell's child. Bramwell comes to her rescue, and Morgan ends up falling to his death from the Widows' Walk. The final voiceover was done by Thayer David.

  • Julia discovers that Catherine is going to have Bramwell’s child and that Morgan has locked Catherine in with Bramwell. Catherine becomes possessed and tries to kill herself, Bramwell stops her. Bramwell is choked by an unseen force, but he recovers. As morning approaches Morgan goes to open the room, with a gun; if they have survived he plans kill them.

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Jonathan Frid, Original 'Dark Shadows' Barnabas Collins, Dead At 87

Sadly, a man who paved the way for a Johnny Depp performance didn't survive to know how audiences took Depp's take on the character he made famous. Jonathan Frid, the thespian who originally played contemplative vampire Barnabas Collins in the 1966 daytime soap opera "Dark Shadows", has died at 87 years old. Frid's passing comes mere weeks before Depp hits theaters May 11 in director TIm Burton's adaptation of the classic serial. Though reports of his death have only just arrived via Digital Spy today, he died of natural causes April 13 at Ontario, Canada's Juravinski Hopsital.

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