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"Dog and Beth: on the Hunt" differs from the couples' previous shows in which the focus lies on them hunting down and capturing felons. "On the Hunt" involves Duane "Dog" Chapman, his wife Beth, family friend John H Jackson Jr., and son Leland traveling around the country from their own bail bond business in Hawaii in order to help other bail bondsmen whose businesses are failing. In some episodes they may help the failing bonds businesses with their books, capturing criminals, and overall organization their teams. This show focuses more on Dog, Beth, and Leland and their expertise in the field of bounty hunting, and them sharing that knowledge with their contemporaries in need all over the U.S.

The Chapman's first rose to fame in 2004 with their reality show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" (which premiered on A&E) after Dog had been interviewed for a show on truTV and piqued America's interest. It focused on the family's adventures in capturing fugitives, and involved Dog Chapman, his wife Beth, and two of their sons. It took place primarily in their home state of Hawaii, as well as in Colorado, with a few other location exceptions.

Dog and Beth Chapman are known for their bold personalities and stylistic choices (from Dog's iconic bleach-blond mullet, to Beth's outrageous nails and hair) and their strong belief in second chances. In "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt," the viewer will get an inside look on how Dog, Beth, and Leland do what they do, as they show their fellow bail bondsmen and women new devices, techniques, and skills. While the structure of "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt" differs from their past shows, the viewer will still be treated to the thrilling, adrenaline-pumping chases and take-downs that this family is known and loved for.

The show initially aired on CMT, and the average run time is anywhere from 39-43 minutes. It is produced by Electus and Entertainment by Bonnie and Clyde.

Sundays at 8:00 PM ET on CMT
2 Seasons, 38 Episodes - Currently Airing
Action & Adventure, Crime, Family
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Dog and Beth: On the Hunt Full Episode Guide

  • Tension erupts as Beth desperately hurries to complete all her secret plans for Dog's surprise birthday party.

  • Beth and the Chapman clan host a surprise party for Dog's birthday.

  • The Chapman are back in Hawaii to help Leland and Kaleo catch some dangerous criminals.

  • In this exciting episode, Dog and Beth return to their hometown of Denver, Colorado, to help Cedric Williams of VIP Bail Bonds.

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