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Many people have great ideas. It's easy to have a great idea; it's hard to have an idea, make the idea work, and make a product come out as a final result of your great idea. The show "Everyday Edisons" looks to take people who are common, everyday individuals, and help them take their idea they had and make it to the next level.

3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
Everyday Edisons
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Everyday Edisons Full Episode Guide

  • This episode features a unique application for solar technology. Inventor Faramarz Farhai brought the Everyday Edisons team some exciting ideas that can change the way electronic devices are charged.

  • This episode explores the physics of air versus spring versus magnetic energy in a device inventor Greg Bruce calls "Cardio Air Tubes." The prototype consists of two walking sticks.

  • In this fun-filled episode, the team walks a lot of dogs and viewers meet inventor Brian Smith, whose short walk becomes a long journey to find a retractable leash that holds back your feisty Fido.

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