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Family Matters centers around the lives of the Winslow family and their friends and neighbors. This a comedy which is about an African American family living in Chicago. The head of the Winslow family is Carl, an overworked police officer who enjoys relaxing at home. His wife Harriet is a strong minded woman who often needles Carl into doing projects around the house he would rather not do. The family also consists of a son named Eddie and a daughter named Laura. For the most part, the kids experience the normal lives of teenagers, with the exception of occasional interference from their nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel.

The character of Steve Urkel is played by Jaleel White, who soon steals center focus from the rest of the family. Steve's nerdiness not only adds to the slapstick style antics between him and Carl, but also enhances the unusual circumstances the teens often find themselves in. Steve is the same age as Laura and has a crush on her from the very beginning. In his efforts to try and woo the love of his life he often ends up embarrassing Laura and causing catastrophic events to occur. While Steve is awkward and socially inept, he is extremely smart. There are several episodes where his intelligence does pay off by helping someone get out of a bad situation.

While Steve Urkel seems to rub most of the Winslow family members the wrong way, he is always welcomed into their home. Other characters which add to the stories include Harriet's mother, who eventually moves in with them, as well as her sister Rachel, played by Thelma Hopkins. The stories are designed to bring humor to the viewers while also showing life as it unfolds in a big city like Chicago. Some of the stories revolve around what happens in school, while others take place within the house. The show takes a lighthearted look at what it's like to have an extended family living underneath one roof.

9 Seasons, 215 Episodes - Canceled
September 22, 1989
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  • Eddie's job as a cop takes a turn for the worse. In the meantime, the spacecraft that Steve is in gets punctured by a satellite. It's up to him to fix it so he can get home.

  • Steve becomes a student astronaut for the testing of his invention: artificial gravity. In the meantime, Harriette is worried about Eddie's job as a cop.

  • Steve and Stefan both propose to Laura. Who will she choose? Who will she risk losing forever?

  • Myrtle still wants Eddie. Unfortunately for her, he doesn't want her. Laura and Maxine decide to give Myrtle a makeover.

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