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Fantasy Island is an American TV show set on a fictional island located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It is about a specialized resort which sold the fulfillment of a fantasy instead of your standard vacation package. The resort is run by a suave but mysterious figure named Mr. Roarke (played by Ricardo Mantalban). He has an assistant whose main role is to provide an opportunity to hear insider information exchanged between Mr. Roarke and his staff. For all but the last season, the assistant is a character named Tattoo (played by Herve Villechaize).

Episodes begin with the arrival of a plane full of guests to the remote island. Mr. Roarke tells his assistant about each guest and their respective fantasy as they come off the plane. Then he and his assistant greet the guests and welcome them to the island. Most episodes show two separate fantasies played out. Guests typically pay a substantial fee to be there. Some guests who won a fantasy are really winners of a rigged contest as a cover story to get them there because the individual plays an important role in another guest's fantasy.

Early episodes were more inclined towards situations which were potentially plausible as something which could be arranged with enough information and money. For example, guests sometimes requested personal makeovers, meeting someone from their past, or experiencing life as a commoner when they were really royalty. As the show wore on, it increasingly involved supernatural forces. Later episodes involved time travel, mermaids, meetings with The Devil and similar. In one episode, a guest who is going blind is temporarily given his eyesight back.

It is a modern take on wish-granting genies. Mr. Roarke frequently makes cryptic remarks indicating things are unlikely to turn out as the guest expects and he is generally correct. The maxim "be careful what you wish for" is explored at length in a down to earth manner.

Daily 11:55 PM et/pt on Sony
7 Seasons, 152 Episodes - Canceled
December 31, 1969
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Fantasy Island Full Episode Guide

  • Charo (The Surreal Life) plays a surrogate mother seeking to resolve her doubts about giving up her child.

  • In "Bojangles and the Dancer" a married couple come to the Island with a mixed agenda - he is intent upon performing with his idol, Mr. Bojangles - she, however, is intent upon keeping him from fulfilling his fantasy for fear it may kill him.And in "Deuces Are Wild" two sisters hope to fulfill their lifelong fantasy - to be taken seriously.

  • Wanting to romance his friend Patricia (Geena Davis), Alan finds himself in desperate need of love lessons.

  • In "Lost and Found" a woman's fantasy is to start a new life with a new man, since she has just found out her man is unfaithful.And in "Dick Turpin's Last Ride" a CPA's fantasy is to become famous outlaw, Dick Turpin. When he gets his wish, he gets far more then he expected.

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