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Fear Factor pits American contestants against each other for a set of challenges that no ordinary person would ever want to take part in! From having to bob for apples in a vat of cows blood, to drive a sports car onto a ramp truck, the contestants of Fear Factor have to push their bodies, and their minds, to the absolute limit, all for the hope of going home with the cash prize of $50,000.

To get the desired cash prize, Fear Factor contestants must complete three challenges, the last of which has to be done faster and better than their opponents, making for a hectic finale. Although the format varies occasionally, the first challenge is typically a physical stunt, that always involves a heavy dosage of fear! Everything from jumping between two buildings to having to escape from an underwater burial, the first stunt alone is often more than most competitors can take.

Those who make it through the first challenge are then faced with the stunt that claims the most competitors and is often referred to as the "Gross-out" stunt. These can range from having to crawl through a tunnel filled with rats, to having to eat disgusting animal parts or bugs, all without vomiting! The contestants who claimed they would do anything for the money really have to prove it with the situations the second stunt places them in!

The few contestants who survive the first challenge and endure the second are faced with the last, often hardest, stunt. These stunts always involve something competitive and dangerous, dealing with everything from water to heights. Those competitors who really want the money have to push themselves to the limit to outplay their opponents and win the final challenge, going home with 50 grand the ability to say that fear is not a factor for them!

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7 Seasons, 159 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
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Fear Factor
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Fear Factor Full Episode Guide

  • Part 2 of a two-part special where contestants compete for the grand prize of $100,000.

  • Contestants compete for the grand prize of $100,000.

  • The contestants must complete five stunts for a grand prize of $100,000 in this special episode of Fear Factor.

  • Partners must navigate an electrified labyrinth then face the most disturbing challenge of the season.

Fear Factor News

'Fear Factor' Twins Don't Regret Donkey-Semen Stunt

Sure, NBC scrapped last night's new "Fear Factor" featuring a donkey semen-chugging stunt. Two contestants tell TMZ that doesn't mean they regret doing it. Quite the opposite, actually. Twins Claire and Brynne took part in the gag reflex-testing prime-time NBC show's outing in which three twin sibling pairs put a $50,000 price on enduring direct contact with an electric fence, testing their respective combined physical prowess against a speeding freight train and ultimately, chugging donkey semen like it contained a cure for the common cold.

'Fear Factor' Donkey Semen Stunt Gets Network Nix

Sorry, "Fear Factor" fans. The donkey show's over before it began. There's nothing to see here. Move along. Look, it's not like if E.T. brought the extended family back for a visit, we'd all be showing them "Fear Factor" as proof of dignity's thriving presence among our genetic wading pool. If we did, they'd either go all maternal by outfitting us with helmets and pinning mittens to our coats, or decide at the next Galactic Planning & Zoning Committee meeting that a sub-space highway's construction absolutely takes precedence over preserving some planet where poo-flinging primates live in fear of the ones who grew opposable thumbs but started eating what lesser beasts excreted.

Accident During 'Fear Factor' Shoot

Well....huh. This always astonished me about "Fear Factor." Over its original six-season run, the show produced 142 total episodes and for all the grotesque things people consumed and insane stunts performed for a chance to do the greenback boogie in prime-time, there was hardly a major safety blemish. It's been almost a month since NBC announced the show would soon return, and already, TMZ reports that a vehicular accident leaves a contestant with minor injuries but barely so much as a hitch in the shooting schedule.

'Fear Factor' Returning to NBC, Now With Less Bug-Eating!

If anyone tries to tell you that our collective tastes as a television viewing audience are getting more and more low-brow, hit them with this: "Fear Factor" is coming back, and it might actually be a little classier this time around. NBC is reportedly planning to reboot the competition series, which originally ran for six seasons before it was cancelled in 2006. In the original series, contestants were asked to eat spiders, lie in a morgue drawer filled with hissing cockroaches, or (in a particularly awful stunt), lie in a tank filled with rats while their partner grabbed chicken feet out of the tank using only his or her teeth.

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