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Finally a fun filled reality television show that rewards the winner. Who does not dream of a fabulous wedding that concludes with a fantastic honeymoon getaway. Now imagine the honeymoon is free as a result of a brief episode participation of the Reality TV show called Four Weddings. Four Weddings is a fantastic show that revolves around four different brides who attend each others wedding too judge the décor, ceremony and the party.

One might ask how can this be entertaining? Simple, the craziness that revolves around planning the perfect wedding is stressful enough, now watching these women go all out with their ceremony to win a honeymoon getaway, not only shows the brides true colors but reveilles the truth about the time and effort one must put forth to truly create a princess story type event.

Every girl dreams the perfect ceremony where she is the only true princess at the ball. Four Wedding allows these brides to truly have the perfect wedding experience and is televised for the whole world to see. It does not get better than sharing the perfect day of ones life as two people joint their lives together and promise one another a life long support. The fun twist of this show is that the four brides who agree to be guests at one another's wedding will judge and decide, which wedding was the best and who deserves to go on a Free Honeymoon.

The ladies judge each others big day from the Dress, Venue, Food and their Party Skills or so they like to call it Experience. The show is so fantastic and people should totally watch because the suspense will keep one going all the way to the end of the show, which is when the brides find out who won the luxurious honeymoon.

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Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
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  • Crystal keeps her guests cool in the Miami heat with her snowy nuptials, while rainfall showers love on Rachel’s purple ombre party. Sam performs a choreographed dance, while Heidi enchants all with a drum circle and fairy dust.

  • Kat’s mates board a paddleboat to her Pirate-themed celebration, while Lauren’s guests ride a trolley ride to her garden nuptials. Linda shows her low country love alongside a marsh, and beauty queen Jordan goes all out with 300 guests at the Savannah civic center.

  • Carolyn sings to her bride as she walks down a red carpet aisle, while Michelle makes a dramatic entrance with a snow machine and rolling fog. Susan sends her guests on a scavenger hunt, while Danielle enjoys her Jersey Shore ballroom with an upgraded lighting package.

  • Guests wear costumes to Kimberly’s pumpkin party, while a tiger shares the spotlight at Lindsay’s country chic nuptials. Water, sand and driftwood adorn Crissy’s wedding, while Amie decorates her aircraft carrier venue with cupcake bouquets.

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