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Ghost Hunters is a television show about capturing evidence that ghosts or paranormal entities do exist. The ghost hunting team is headed by its founders, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. Together with other trained specialists these men attempt to capture evidence of the paranormal while helping people who believe they are experiencing a haunting.

Instead of jumping to conclusions and imaging that every stray sound is a ghost, the team from Ghost Hunters tries to use facts and science to back up their evidence. The team is first presented with a case. These cases can be at private homes or in famous places that seem to be haunted, such as battle ships, museums or older hotels. The ghost hunting team carefully reviews the claims of a haunting, discussing exactly what people have been experiencing, before they even enter the building.

Once inside a location, the team sets up infra-red cameras and sound recording devices. The team then splits into pairs or groups in order to do personal investigations in each part of the building. The teams first try to debunk, or disprove, any claims they have heard. They believe that an overly active imagination is usually to blame for a suspected haunting. This also lends validity to anything they do find that they believe is paranormal.

After conducting an investigation, which can take anywhere from a few hours to an entire night, Jason, Grant and the rest of the team carefully review all of the data they captured. They watch each video and listen to the sounds they picked up. If they find anything strange they discuss it. Strange occurrences that seem valid are presented to the owner of the haunted building as possible evidence.

On Ghost Hunters, the team has several goals. One is, of course, to prove that paranormal activity does exist. Their biggest goal, however, is to help people who are afraid to live or work in a certain place because they think it might be haunted. The team attempts to lay old ways of thinking to rest, and brings a scientific approach to the not-so-scientific process of ghost hunting.

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Wednesday 9:00 PM et/pt on Syfy
10 Seasons, 225 Episodes - Currently Airing
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Ghost Hunters Full Episode Guide

  • The team investigates claims of paranormal activity at the Cincinnati Music Hall.

  • Grant returns in the series' 200th episode.

  • The team heads to Barnegat, N.J., to investigate claims of an apparition of a beloved teacher who died in 1965. Later, they arrive in Clay County, Fla., on a mission to discover if an old courthouse and jail are haunted by the ghosts of inmates and a murdered sheriff.

  • The team heads to Brunswick, Ga's Old City Hall to investigate claims of paranormal activity.

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