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Go On is a hilarious new comedy starring Matthew Perry as Ryan King, sportscaster of the Ryan King Show. For Matthew Perry fans, it is his long-awaited return to comedy and prime time television. Ironically, the premise this comedy show is not at all funny. As the show begins, Ryan King has recently lost his wife in an auto accident. The show is about how he learns to Go On with his life after such a terrible tragedy. There are a few properly placed touching moments as Ryan learns to deal with his grief in a serious way, but it is fully encompassed by a large dose of witty comments and amusing predicaments.

After taking time off for bereavement, King returns to work in an attempt to get his life back to as close to normal as he can. King is told that he can only work again after attending 10 sessions of group therapy.

Being a manly, sports fan kind of guy, Ryan is not happy about being forced to attend therapy. Although unenthusiastic, Ryan is willing to show up to group if it means he can get back to the job he loves. In therapy he meets the sweet and unqualified group leader Lauren, along with several absurd characters who make up the unlikely group. At first Ryan doesn't take therapy seriously, but eventually he begins to see some value in it for himself and others. Ryan begins to realize that no one can go it alone all the time - everyone needs some help.

Ryan's best friend Steven and assistant Carrie along with the random members of the therapy group make up an amusing and entertaining cast of characters.

1 Season, 22 Episodes - Canceled
September 11, 2012
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  • The group learns from their failures.

  • Ryan is in uncharted territory when he receives a drunk-dial call from his secretary Carrie. Plus, Ryan offers relationship advice to a confused Lauren.

  • Anne offers to introduce Ryan to Talia, a recent widow struggling to find her emotional direction. When the three go out together, Talia sends mixed signals when she flirts with both of them.

  • Although Ryan's show is rated #1, he doesn't experience the happiness that should accompany that success. Instead he craves for personal happiness which Lauren explains comes from helping others.

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