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Guys with Kids is an American television program that airs on the NBC network. This show is a multi-camera comedy which follows three friends and their romantic partners. The characters navigate the waters of raising children in a modern environment, complete with divorce, working moms and stay-at-home dads. Aside from hilarious, lighthearted moments, the show commons on today's social climate, where father's are more involved with raising their children and women are heading back to work soon after having a baby. The show has a cast of famous faces you've certainly seen in the past.

The focus of Guys with Kids is primarily on the fathers, who try to stay young, hip and cool while responsibly raising their kids and remaining good husbands. Most of the characters in the show are in their 30s, which is the perfect age to show them juggling their youth with true responsibility in adulthood. Their tie is friendship and the three guys help each other out whenever they can. Hilarious scenes include the guys using the kitchen sink hose to give their littles ones a bath or trying to look cool while wearing their baby strapped to them. No matter what happens, the guys are always prepared to deal with the challenge they face.

Guys with Kids was created by former Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon as well as charlie Grandy. Fallon developed the premise for the show. The stars of Guys with Kids are Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger, Jesse Bradford, Erinn Hayes, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Tempestt Bledsoe. Anthony Anderson plays Gary, who is the father of twin boys. Gary is married to Marny, played by Tempestt Bledsoe. Zach Cregger plays Nick, who has two children, Violet and Freddie. Nick's wife is Emily, played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Jesse Bradford plays Chris, who is divorced from Sheila, played by Erinn Haynes. Together, they have one child, Ernie.

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1 Season, 17 Episodes - Canceled/Ending
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Guys With Kids Full Episode Guide

  • With Gary's new career taking off, he struggles to meet the demands of his job and his personal life.

  • Gary considers going back to work and comes up with a new business idea that horrifies Marny. Meanwhile, Chris decides to reinvent himself and starts up a new hobby.

  • After a near death experience, Gary and Marny realize they need someone to take care of the kids if they died. When Emily hastily agrees to be a guardian for the four kids, Nick does his best to get them out of her agreement.

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'Guys With Kids' Season 1, Episode 8: 'First Birthday' Recap

Chris gets invited to Ernie’s 1st birthday party that Sheila is throwing—and he had no involvement in. And she is forcing him to write a poem. Gary reminds him he isn’t married to Sheila and can do whatever he wants—even throw his own party. At his home, Gary eats a chicken nugget off the floor, freaking out Marny, who, he points out, is eating out of the sink. They realize they’re gross, and have no energy. They decide to detox. Gary mixes up some kale smoothies.

'Guy With Kids' Season 1, Episode 6: 'Apartment Halloween' Recap

The gang is enjoying decorating the hallway for Halloween, except Chris, who is irritated by the bickering between Nick and Sheila. They get news that the head of the co-op board is dead—Gary and Marny’s neighbor, Miss Crane. Gary goes home to tell Marny. They mourn for a moment—and then are ecstatic. Now they can buy her place and expand. When the gang returns to the hallway, they find that all their stuff has been taken down. There is a note from the new head of the co-op, Linda, who says the décor is in violation of co-op rules.

'Guy With Kids' Season 1, Episode 5: 'Gary's Day Off' Recap

Gary comes into Sunday dinner annoyed; he has given up on being a good parent. Marny has been at a conference all week, and he’s wiped out. The boys tell him to take a day off and let Marny watch them, but Gary just laughs hysterically. Marny has never had all 4 boys at once and he doesn’t think she can handle it, but as everyone else trickles in, he’s quiet. When Marny starts talking about her great, fun conference, however, he starts to get twitchy. Sheila comes by to tell Chris that she is moving and asks him to help her pack, but he tells her he has a work thing.

'Guy With Kids' Season 1, Episode 4: 'The Standoff' Recap

Grabbing coffee with their kids, Gary confesses that he’s having issues with his son Yoda, who is becoming stubborn and defiant. They meet as a group for their usual Sunday night dinner, where Chris is punched every time he brings up something depressing about his divorce. He also reveals his own issue with his son—Ernie won’t sleep unless Chris is in the chair next to him. Marny tells him he needs to sleep train him, but Chris says he’s tried everything. As Emily admires the bridge that Gary and his other son are making for school—and Nick and Emily realize that they didn’t read the back of their daughter Violet’s assignment sheet, and missed the part about building a bridge.

'Guy With Kids' Season 1, Episode 3: 'Marny Wants a Girl' Recap

In Marny and Gary’s apartment, they’re playing Chutes and Ladders to see who has to attend a much-dreaded roller-skating birthday party. They explain to everyone else that this is how they generally figure things out. The twins come in, having broken the blinds, and exasperating Marny. She tells Emily she is so lucky to have a girl. “The closest my boys come to complimenting me is punching me in the butt.” Gary realizes what is happening, and that Marny will now put on one of his dress shirts and attempt to seduce him so they can have a girl.

'Guy With Kids' Season 1, Episode 2: 'Chris' New Girlfriend' Recap

In the pilot episode of the “been there, done that, heard those jokes before,” series “Guys With Kids,” we’re introduced to the gang—Nick, Gary, and Chris. They’re grabbing coffee together and ribbing back and forth, discussing Chris’ new love interest, Jennifer, and how reluctant he is to introduce her to Nick lest he criticize her until all Chris can see are her flaws. When an alarm reminder goes off on Chris’ phone, he congratulates Gary on his anniversary, and Gary panics.

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