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The historical miniseries Hatfields & McCoys which aired on the History channel follows the long and bloody feud between two families. At the end of the Civil War William Anderson Hatfield, also known as Devil Anse, and his friend Randall McCoy return home to their respective towns in West Virginia and Kentucky. Once home, however, the two men find that their families have begun to dislike and mistrust each other.

The feud starts before either Devin Anse Hatfield or Randall McCoy return home, when Randall's brother is killed by one of the Hatfield relatives for the crime of joining the Union side in the Civil War. Later, a simple dispute over whether or not a pig had been stolen aggravated the growing animosity. From there misunderstandings between the two families grew and the two men who were once friends become bitter enemies.

Although the feud is mostly between Devil Anse Hatfield, who is played by the Academy Award winning actor and director Kevin Costner, and Randall McCoy, played by Bill Patton, neighbors, friends and family members of each clan also get pulled into the fighting. As the three-part series progresses more and more people are pulled into the bloody fight that the feud has become.

At times it seems that the states of Kentucky and West Virginia will themselves be dragged into the argument. During the series, each family constantly tries to get revenge on the other for various deaths, creating a seemingly never ending cycle. Meanwhile, other members of the families fall in and out of love, have secret affairs or switch loyalties from one family to another.

Hatfields & McCoys is full of factual information but manages to remain captivating and entertaining while giving a history lesson. There is a little something for every viewer in this series, whether you are interested in drama, history, action or even a forbidden romance.

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  • The Hatfields look for revenge after one of their own is murdered by a McCoy. Soon friends and neighbors participate in the fighting and West Virginia and Kentucky are brought to the brink of civil war.

  • A McCoy is murdered by a Hatfield and a forbidden love affair begins at the start of the legendary Hatfield-McCoy family feud, which nearly brought the states of Kentucky and West Virginia to civil war in the 1880s.

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'Hatfields & McCoys' Has Massive Finale Ratings for History

There's a new record in the all-time basic cable ratings, and it belongs to History, of all channels. The network, which has been a little less about history and a little more about aliens of late, aired its new original miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys" this week, and broke the same record twice. The show broke the record for the highest-rated non-sports program on basic cable with its premiere, then topped its own record with the finale episode. To do this, the finale of "Hatfields & McCoys" brought in a whopping 14.

'Hatfields & McCoys' History Channel Debut Sets Cable Ratings Record

In perspective, this is like a Major League rookie stepping to the plate for the first time and belting a grand slam off the first pitch he sees. The History Channel may be on to something with its entry into the scripted-television arena: Deadline reports Tuesday night's "Hatfields & McCoys" premiere achieved some staggering numbers that made it the all-time highest rated non-sports telecast in ad-supported cable history. The miniseries featuring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton as the famed feuding families' outlaw patriarchs debuted to 13.

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